Recipe for an Ultimate Breakfast Egg Sandwich

Cole Tessitore, Staff Writer


   Cooking, baking, and, most importantly, eating have been favorite activities among many during the COVID-19 pandemic, inspiring many to explore their culinary side. This easy-to-make, 15 minute breakfast sandwich recipe is egg-cellent for beginner chefs, and is a tasty way to start off the day.

   First you’ll need to gather your ingredients. You will need two pieces of thick-cut white bread, three eggs, four slices of cooked bacon, salt, pepper, cilantro, oregano, one tablespoon of butter, and a third of a cup of a cheese of your choice, but cheddar is recommended. Thick-cut bread will give a nice fluffy texture that pairs well with the heaviness of the melted cheese and egg. Find a medium-sized pan that can fit both slices of bread comfortably, set the stove temperature to medium/low, melt the butter in the pan.

   While you wait for the butter to melt, warm up the (already cooked) bacon slices and chop them into small bits. Then, add the bacon and eggs into a medium sized mixing bowl. Add an evenly proportioned amount of oregano and cilantro, and a dash of salt and pepper. The spices are not definitively measured, just add seasoning to taste. Once everything is in the mixing bowl, use a whisk to mix for thirty-five to forty seconds to get everything incorporated.

   By the time all the ingredients are mixed, the butter should be fully melted, making the pan ready to be used. Pour the egg mixture onto the pan and then place the slices of bread in the pan so that one slice is above the other. Lightly press the bread slices into the egg mixture. Let the bread sit for about thirty seconds so that the bread, when done, is cooked and marinated in egg, cilantro, and oregano. This will add extra flavor to the bread. After thirty seconds have passed, flip the slices of bread over. There will be egg mixture and bits of bacon on the bread, so just take a knife or fork and scrape it back into the pan. Let the eggs cook for a couple minutes until they are fully cooked; it should resemble an omelette.

   Once the egg mixture is done cooking, use a spatula to slide under the egg and bread and carefully flip the whole thing. The egg should be facing up and the bread should be on the pan. Use a knife or fork to put the overlaying egg part back onto the toasted bread. Add cheese to one of the slices of bread and wait for some of it to melt. Once enough of the cheese has melted, flip the slice of bread without cheese onto the slice that has cheese, and you should now have an omelette sandwich.

   Wait a minute or so for the bread to cool down before eating. If you happen to have an avocado laying around, try dipping the sandwich into mashed  up avocado for an extra tasty experience.