Top Ten Back to School Supplies for Distance Learning

Cole Tessitore, Staff Writer

Zoom, a.k.a. school, is now in session. Distance learning might be boring and seem more like work than actually being in school, but it doesn’t have to be a monotonous daily chore if you make it enjoyable enough. Everything you need to make your Zoom classes fun can probably be found around your house. Here are the top ten distance learning school supplies to make distance learning tolerable. 

10.) A Small Snack – Since the school schedule has changed to a three-class day, class duration has been adjusted and periods are now longer than the usual fifty-nine minute on-campus classes. Students used to have the option to eat a quick snack during passing periods every hour, and some even enjoyed the luxury of being able to eat in class. If your stomach starts rumbling during your second or third period, it’s a good idea to have a small snack like a power bar or granola bar to munch on. The small size of a bar is perfect for eating and taking notes at the same time.

9.) Chapstick – For those of us that are prone to chapped lips, there’s nothing worse than being somewhere and needing some lip balm and not being able to get to it. Having a chapstick with you during your class time eliminates the possibility of having to leave your class meeting to relieve your dry lips. 

8.) Earbuds – If you are attending your Zoom classes in your house amid distracting noises, using earbuds is a great way to concentrate on your teacher and class by cancelling out extra noise.

7.) A fan – Not everyone has air conditioning to keep rooms a desirable coolness, but most people do have fans. Stay cool with a fan to help you relax and not get overheated, especially during a heat wave like this!

6.) All writing materials – Of course, students still need the essential school supplies for doing analog work. It is extra important to stock up on pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters and paper, because if you run out in the middle of doing work or in the middle of class, you can’t ask the person next to you for some extra pencil lead or an eraser anymore. 

5.) Gum – Chewing gum is as cathartic as it is satisfying. The chewing helps you focus and keeps you active while you sit all day long. Also, since classes run long and there isn’t a lot of talking and conversations going on, chewing gum prevents you from grinding your teeth due to boredom or as an unconscious habit. 

4.) Lighting Lamp – Not everyone has access to natural lighting, or even good lighting at that. Avoid looking like you are distance learning in a cave by having a small desk lamp nearby to illuminate your face during meetings. This is especially handy for those in classes that require active participation, constant Zoom video, or presentations. 

3.) Water – Everyone should drink a lot of water everyday, but since we are being subjected to more blue light from the computers or phones being used to Zoom, dehydration can happen a lot easier. Having the option to leave class and get some water at the water fountain isn’t available anymore, so make sure to have an adequate supply of water nearby.

2.) A Comfy Chair and Desk – Not that the chairs were super comfortable at school, but at least they were designed well enough to accommodate for long periods of sitting. Unsurprisingly, not everyone has these blue school chairs or desks to work at, so it might be a good investment to get a nice work desk and even a padded chair with back support to help with the hours of sitting each day.

1.) Storage for Zoom and Google Classroom – Nothing else matters more than having enough room on your computer to accommodate the Zoom and Google Classroom applications. If this means deleting thousands of selfies or pillaging songs and videos from your computer, you can probably find an application to house all your extra clutter on your devices. You can’t distance learn without Zoom, and most teachers require assignments to be turned in on Google Classroom as well, so make sure you have enough storage to get through school.