School is in Session: Online Edition

Ghada Atalla, Staff Writer

The quote, “Mom this social distancing thing is awesome. I don’t have to wear pants all this month!” might be the best way to describe this year’s distance learning schedule. Times have changed ever since COVID-19 began forcing students to prepare for school differently than past years, especially now since the 2020 school year will be completed by attending class online. This year stands out among the rest in many interesting ways.

 Because students are taking their classes through Zoom, they may have a lot more to distract them in their surroundings, like pets or siblings making noise. “Two days ago my dog, who is a poodle mix, started scratching my room door because he wanted to come inside. Then, when I let him inside he started scratching again because he wanted to go outside,” said Martinez. As the teacher was talking about the lesson in the background she could hear the whimpering of a puppy and the screeching. Audio mishaps are not the only funny thing about this school year. 

For some students, online learning means refining their own workspace. For instance, Junior Alessandra Partosa said, “I cleaned my desk and moved the things I did not need. I got an organizer to organize my school supplies so I can find my things easier.” Junior Stephanie Martinez added that it is more convenient to have our school supplies organized on a desk rather than having to carry it all in a backpack. Students can now customize their space in a way that suits their needs. 

As far as style goes, sweats and blankets seem to be this year’s back-to-school fashion. Although students should still attend Zoom classes in appropriate attire, nothing is stopping them from wearing their most comfortable clothes during class. Many students have opted to wear their pajamas to class. Martinez commented, “Yesterday, I woke up late, but I was able to join my Zoom in just my pajamas.” Students can wear pajamas all day, and their peers will be none the wiser.

   At first glance, online learning might not sound so exciting, but from a different angle, there are a lot of reasons that online learning can be fun. English Teacher and ASB Advisor Donna Fallon demonstrated the positives of doing school remotely. Fallon explained how she plans to give assignments that all have purpose, allowing students to feel more engaged with online classes. She also mentioned that students have the freedom to get food, coffee, and use the bathroom at almost any time. Remember the pangs of hunger everyday during fourth period? With online learning, students have free range to their pantries at any time of the day. 

The 2020 school year is an outlier compared to other school years. An unprecedented classroom environment, a new sense of school fashion, more freedom, and a different way to prepare for school are just some of the unique features of distance learning. There is one thing that will always remain the same whether we are doing school virtually or in person: we are all in this together!