Rest in Power, Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Emma Truchan

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Elaina Martin, Editor-in-Chief

We lost an icon last Friday when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away in her home. As the second-ever female to be appointed to the Supreme Court, Justice Ginsburg led with a rebellious streak that endeared her to millions of Americans, while earning her the nickname “Notorious RBG.” 

   According to the Washington Post, she rose to prominence as a lawyer for the ACLU in an era where women achieving in law was rare; she constantly stood up for what she believed in, defying gender roles and stereotypes ( 

   She was an accomplished advocate for equality and justice, fighting for women’s rights, gender equality, and marriage equality. The New York Times stated that as an active feminist, she supported abortion laws and affirmative action, and ensured that men had equal status when it came to childcare legislation, an area where more rights are given to women ( 

   She was a champion not only for women, but for men, LGBT+ people, and people of color and will be remembered and revered for her extraordinary impact on this country.