Review: Outer Banks

Kate Wiggins, Sports Editor

   As binge-watching TV shows has become an increasingly common activity during this global pandemic, the series Outer Banks, which streams exclusively on Netflix, has caught the attention of millions. Sitting in Netflix’s Top 10 since its release in April, the series features action, adventure, humor, a dash of romance, and suspense. This teen drama gives big Scooby-Doo and The Goonies energy, creating a fun adventure-packed plot line. 

   Outer Banks captures the fictional adventure of main character John B. and his best buds looking for treasure, which happens to be 400 million dollars of gold, on a sunken ship off the islands of the coast of North Carolina. John B. also believes that this all has a connection to his missing father. The group runs into trouble along the way, while trying to keep the lost treasure a secret.

   One of the highlighted troubles that John B. and his friends run into would be the long-lasting feud they have with the island’s rich folks, AKA the “kooks.” John B. and his gang, who call themselves the “pogues” come from the side of town called “The Cut,” which is home to the poorer, working class residents. Whereas the kooks belong to the luxurious and lavish “Figure 8” on the other side of town. This feud lasts throughout the entire season, providing endless drama during their encounters with each other. But what tops the fued off, is the love interests between John B. and “kook princess” Sarah Cameron.

   One unique aspect of the show is the attention to detail given the stories and struggles behind each character. The audience gets to see each character develop and go through his or her own personal problems, like physical abuse, drug use, and college scholarships. It’s nice to take a glance at other characters and their own lives — it adds more detail and makes for a more complex plot line. Junior Sam Yoo noted, “It kept me really intrigued and the plot was super interesting and it always kept me wondering what was going to happen next.”

   Because the Outer Banks is an unknown location to many, some of the scenery and shots taken are a new sight to many eyes. Beautiful sunsets over the water, long sandy beaches, and glistening waters are just some of the gorgeous scenes portrayed. A large portion of the show was shot on the water and on boats, and there were even a few scenes taken underwater! Such scenery is a gift to the eyes. Yoo commented on the impressive set, complimenting its visual appeal.

   To pair with the beautiful scenery, an awesome array of music is played throughout the show. The soundtrack includes a mix of island vibes, reggae, alternative, and some really enticing instrumentals throughout the episodes. Each song played really helps set the mood and enhances that Outer Banks lifestyle being portrayed.  

   With 10 episodes at about 50 minutes each, Outer Banks is easily bingeable and could be finished in a matter of a few days. Watching it all in a day is possible, too (as known from personal experience). A second season has not been officially announced, but we can hope to see one after the season finale does leave us with multiple questions.

   If you are looking for a good teen drama with lots of adventure, action, and romance, consider adding Outer Banks to your watch list. With a phenomenal cast and complex characters, you will be sure to enjoy their adventure.