Top Ten Best Coffee Spots in San Diego

Jenna Harper, Editor-in-Chief

Coffee: an everyday necessity to some and a special once-in-a-while treat for others. Whether you’re someone who can’t live without it or can’t live with it, there’s no denying that coffee shops offer that special feel that can’t be found anywhere else. From cozy cushioned chairs to elegant simplicity, the coffee shop you choose, to study for your upcoming calculus test or finish your college applications, matters just as much as the coffee itself. But with hundreds of options, how do you choose? Well, read on for some recommendations. Here are the top ten best coffee shops in SD!

10.) Peet’s – With the most SD locations of any other on the list, the Berkeley-born chain is known for its variety of options and delicious baked goods. While much like Starbucks, there’s something about Peet’s that’s just… better.

9.) Philz – Thanks to rising celebrities and influencers, such as Emma Chamberlain, this San Francisco based coffee shop has earned growing momentum over the past couple of years. Philz is known for their unique blends, yummy flavors, and friendly employees.

8.) Better Buzz – With thirteen SD county locations alone, there’s no denying that this coffee hotspot is buzzing with energy. From Ice Blended to Hand Crafted, Better Buzz offers a wide selection of both drinks and food. Come for the coffee stay for the avocado toast, anyone?

7.) Living Room Cafe – Open seven to one a.m. Sunday through Thursday and seven to two a.m. Fridays and Saturdays, The Living Room Cafe makes for a perfect quiet and cozy study spot for those long nights. Not to mention, they have fantastic hot chocolate for any non-coffee drinkers.

6.) Communal Coffee – Plant lover meets chic simplicity in this adorable little coffee shop with locations in both North and South Park. Not only do they offer coffee, but flower bouquets as well. I must say, I do love a shop that can do both!

5.) The Forum Coffee House – Right in the heart of Clairemont, The Forum Coffee House is relatively new, only first opened in 2017. With a fun take on Nitro Cold Brew, funky teas and treats, as well as a modern and aesthetic look, this place is a must try.

4.) Ryan Bro’s – Owned and run by UC locals, the Barrio Logan location and headquarters is a real show stopper. This place is so unique and special to the community and redevelopment of the area that the city and the Port Authority have declared November eighth as “Coffee Day to Ryan Bros.” Enough said.

3.) Bay Park Coffee – This quaint little coffee spot tucked between the shops off Morena Boulevard is the perfect place for a Sunday morning cup of joe. With the occasional live music performance and a very down-to-earth setting, Bay Park Coffee is just one of those lovely little local shops you’ve got to try at least once.

2.) Bird Rock Coffee Roasters – With award-winning micro-roasted coffee and that classic SoCal vibe, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a perfect beachy spot no matter which of the four locations you chose. Due to several impressive accolades among other rationals, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters earns a very strong second place.

1.) Pannikin – Whether you’re a coffee drinker, a tea person, or you’re just there for the food, Pannikin has got it all. With two locations, one in La Jolla and one in Carlsbad, Pannikin is the perfect local coffee shop, doubling as a delicious breakfast joint and coffeehouse. For all these reasons and more, Pannikin is the number one coffee shop in San Diego.