A Relaxing Take on Spring Break

Emma Truchan, Features Editor

AP testing, standardized assessments, college decisions, and more… ‘tis the season for strung-out students! Spring truly is a stressful time of year for many high school students with such major responsibilities and burdens being piled on all at once. But from March 29 to April 5, students can escape this overwhelming load of tasks during Spring Break. Over this last vacation, we’re given the opportunity to take time for ourselves, disconnect from the intense world of academics, and recharge for the final stretch of the school year.

Spring Break is the last major break before school gets out in June, with one four-day weekend in May (sandiegounified.org). This means that it’s really students’ last chance to recharge for the last lap that is the marathon of the school year. So make Spring Break just that: a break! Don’t push all of your school work until the Sunday before we return to avoid an incredibly overwhelming day. Although some may work best under pressure, Psychology Today notes that procrastination can lead to stress, health problems, and poorer performance (psychologytoday.com). To avoid this unnecessary stress and fully enjoy the break, it can be helpful to plan out responsibilities and to do a small amount of work each day. Junior Shira Ron said that she’ll be using this break to start better habits for when school resumes. “I’m going to try to get my homework done earlier in the day so I’m hopefully not up late at night finishing it,” she explained.

One of the best ways to reset over break is to get outside. According to Harvard Medical School, spending more time interacting with nature can boost mental health, with research indicating that there is a strong correlation with time spent in nature and decreased stress, anxiety, and depression (harvard.edu). Luckily for UC High Students, San Diego holds many natural wonders that you can explore over break. Junior Giovanni Serrano explained that he’ll likely be taking beach trips with family and friends over break to get out and enjoy the sunny skies. From a beach day, to a scenic nature hike, to a picnic in the park, San Diego offers a variety of ways to enjoy nature’s bounty and beauty. With the flowers fresh in bloom and the weather warming, Spring Break offers the perfect opportunity to explore these abundant amenities.

The modern student faces a unique problem: the mental health consequences of technology. According to Duke University, increased technology use in teens positively correlates with mental health issues, such as troubles in attention and behavior (duke.edu). This upcoming vacation can give students a special chance to unplug from the often overwhelming and consuming world of technology, and focus on needed and well-deserved leisure. For many, break can be a chance to take a digital detox to recharge themselves rather than their tech gadgets.

With all of the stress and responsibility that comes with high school, it can be easy to get caught up in the eat-work-sleep cycle. This mini-vacay is the perfect chance to break out of that loop with some “you time.” Whether you take some time to strategically prioritize your responsibilities, enjoy the great outdoors, or try out a break from tech, use what Spring Break offers to the fullest!