Streaming Services: What’s the Difference?

Kate Wiggins, Sports Editor

   Nowadays, we are lucky enough to have access to multiple streaming services that allow us to watch almost any show, movie, documentary, or video. Some of the most popular services include Netflix, Hulu, and the new Disney Plus. Some may wonder, what really is the difference between them all? To answer these questions, here are what each service has to offer, as well as a couple of other important things to note.

   Disney Plus is the newest of these services. It offers all of Disney’s greatest shows and movies. From Disney originals and classics to new Disney Channel shows and movies, they have got it all. Disney Plus also includes films from Pixar, Marvel Comics, National Geographic, and the Star Wars Franchise. However, Disney Plus only offers Disney productions, whereas other services such as Netflix and Hulu offer movies and shows from several channels and studios.

   Netflix and Hulu are very similar in most cases. With both of them providing multiple channels and production studios, viewers have a broad selection of movies and shows to watch. They both have a bigger selection of movies and shows for an older audience, compared to Disney Plus, which more likely resonates with younger people. Netflix and Hulu have several other genres that include horror, international, LGBTQ, and even stand-up comedy. 

   Disney Plus, Netflix, and Hulu have all released their own original movies and shows, some of which have been critically acclaimed. Netflix’s Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and Breaking Bad have all hit the top of the charts. The Mandalorian, a Disney Plus addition to the Star Wars franchise, has ranked highest in digital demand in the United States. Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale won a Golden Globe for Best Television Series Drama. As a bonus, all three streaming services let you download movies and shows to watch when you are offline.

   All services require a monthly or yearly subscription. Most offer a seven-day or even a month-long free trial. All services have different plans to choose from, so you can find the best fit for you. For one of Hulu’s plans, viewers can pay five dollars and 99 cents a month for all of the movies and shows that Hulu provides. To that plan, you can choose to get add-ons, which can include no advertisements or access to HBO. The other plan, for 54 dollars and 99 cents a month, gets you Hulu movies and shows as well as live television. 

   Netflix has three plans: basic (eight dollars and 99 cents per-month), standard (12 dollars and 99 cents per-month), and premium (15 dollars and 99 cents per-moth). The difference in each plan is how many screens you can watch  on and the availability of ultra HD. Disney Plus is currently six dollars and 99 cents a month. They also offer a deal where you can get Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu all for 12 dollars and 99 cents a month. With all of these options, these popular streaming services give watchers the opportunity to customize their entertainment. 

      Whether you are just relaxing at home, on a lengthy road trip, or flying thousands of feet up in the air, thanks to these streaming services you are able to access numerous movies and T.V. shows anytime, anywhere.