Top Ten Rom-Coms

Jenna Harper, Editor-in-Chief

   With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, people everywhere turn to the comforting entertainment of a Romantic Comedy. With corny-meets-cutes, grand gestures, ridiculously beautiful settings, extreme makeovers, and happily ever afters, what’s not to love? But with hundreds of options, how do you choose the best one to watch? Well, have no fear, here are the top ten best Romantic Comedies.

10.) 13 Going On 30 – With the exception of an imaginative and almost supernatural element, this film is a classic falling-in-love-with-your-best-friend kind of RomCom. Jennifer Garner is “thirty, flirty, and thriving,” so make sure to give this 2004 film a watch this season.

9.) The Holiday – A movie starring Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, and Jude Law? Count me in. The Holiday takes a unique twist on the classic RomCom, all while maintaining those few elements that it can’t do without, especially the ridiculously beautiful setting.

8.) Pretty Woman – Starring Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman is a RomCom-style film, that features a grown up twist on Cinderella. With her 1,000-watt smile and Richard Gere’s charming aura, Pretty Woman could not be left off this list, and is a must-see, regardless of what holiday it is.

7.) Love Actually – Featuring nine intertwined stories working to explain what love really is, and a star-studded cast that includes the likes of Kiera Knightley, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth and oh so many more, Love Actually is a classic Valentine’s Day flick.

6.) When Harry Met Sally – This film is just one of those movies that can’t be skipped over when talking about Romantic Comedies. Billy Crystal (Harry) and Meg Ryan (Sally) explore the concept of friendship between men and women, with plenty of comedy along the way.

5.) My Big Fat Greek Wedding – A personal favorite, My Big Fat Greek Wedding includes one of the biggest mainstays of a Romantic Comedy… an extreme makeover. Nia Vardalos goes from frumpy to elegant, attracting a very tall and handsome John Corbett. This film explores the element of cultural differences when finding love, and how comedic this kind of situation can be.

4.) 50 First Dates – Adam Sandler and Drew Berrymore are a match made in heaven when it comes to romantic comedies. The duo have starred in a handful of RomComs together, each one more amusing than the last, and 50 First Dates is no exception. Make sure to check this one out if you’re looking for the laugh-out-loud kind of RomCom.

3.) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – Matthew McConaughey takes a break from his rugged adventures to play a swoon-worthy womanizer alongside Co-star Kate Hudson. While each character has a secret plan, they cause one another’s to backfire, and fall for each other in the end. Classic.

2.) 10 Things I Hate About You – Julia Stiles plays an intuitive and brash teenager, set up to be charmed by the late Heath Ledger. Another “coming of age” RomCom, 10 Things I Hate About You is a must-watch, earning it the second place spot on this list.

1.) Clueless – This 1995 film serves as the definition of Romantic Comedies, earning it the top spot on the list. Clueless is a classic “coming of age” style RomCom, with shallow socialites learning life lessons, unlikely pairs falling in love, and of course, extreme makeovers. Clueless is the Queen of RomComs, and the chances of any other film taking its crown? As if!