Top Ten Halloween Edition Treats

Jenna Harper, Editor-in-Chief

   Ah, finally. The best holiday ever created by man has returned once again. Halloween is a night for scares and adventures. A night to dress up and pretend to be whoever or whatever you want. A night to be spooked and scared beyond compare. Luckily though, Halloween is not just one day or one night. The 30 days of October leading up to the main event hold in store a great deal. Between watching scary movies and attending costume parties, we always wish the festivities would last forever. But there’s one thing in particular we wish would last above all else. Halloween delicacies and October-edition goodies are some of the most fun and underappreciated delights the fall season has to offer. But among these holiday-themed foods, there are a few that stand above the rest. These few instill a sense of nostalgia and prompt reminiscent thoughts of Halloween joy. So without further ado, here are the top ten best Halloween-edition treats. 

10.) Cheetos Bag of Bones – Let’s face it, white cheddar flavored foods are so much better than regular cheddar flavored foods, and these Cheetos are no exception. Apart from the flavor, the ghostly-shaped skeletal snacks are an excellent Halloween-style take on classic Cheetos.

9.) Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats – Pumpkin pie is an autumn essential, so, fortunately, everyone’s favorite chocolate candy has united with everyone’s favorite pie to make this delicious monstrosity. With stacked wafers and creamy chocolate, flavored with pumpkin and cinnamon and all things fall, this treat definitely has earned its place on the list. 

8.) Trolli Bats, Cats, and Rats – The name says it all. Trolli is known for its delicious gelatinous treats, all of which have fantastic reviews. But these spine-chillingly shaped sweets will give you the creeps all month long. While not common, they can be bought at your local Party City.

7.) Glow in the Dark Hershey’s Chocolate – No, to much dismay, the chocolate itself does not glow, just the wrapper. But this fun treat is still a Halloween must-have. The classic Hershey’s chocolate paired with a glowing ghoulish green wrapper… how much spookier can you get?

6.) Halloween Oreos – Oreos, in general, are pretty delicious, but these black sandwich cookies, filled with the classic creme we all know and love (but colored orange) just hit different. Nothing screams Halloween like this color combo, so black and orange Oreos are the perfect October treat to set the mood, so make sure to pick some up at your local Vons or Target.

5.) Reese’s Monster Mania – Pretty much everyone is familiar with the pumpkin-shaped, peanut butter filled edition of the classic Reese’s candy. But there’s so much more in store than just pumpkins. The infamous candy brand also distributes a monster-themed package during this wicked time of year, complete with three super scary creature-shaped chocolates. Fun, delicious, and monstrous, these candies are the perfect assortment. 

4.) Pillsbury Ready to Bake Sugar Cookies – No cookie ever baked has tasted quite like these. They’re soft, they’re flavorful, they’re of a fairly small size so it’s acceptable to eat several (or all) in one sitting… essentially, they’re perfect. But they don’t stop there. The Halloween edition of these scrumptious cookies, with ghosts and pumpkins colored into the dough, make them the perfect treat to get into the mood for fall festivities.

3.) Krispy Kreme Halloween Donuts – Krispy Kreme is no stranger to holiday-themes donuts, and they won’t be caught slipping during Halloween time. From pumpkin-shaped pastries to spiderweb iced goodies, the wide variety of themed treats the beloved donut chain offers is astounding and greatly appreciated. Whether you grab a half dozen or two dozen, these are an October essential.

2.) Kellogg’s Halloween Cereal – Once a year, Kellogg’s blesses us with the best cereals to ever be created. “Boo Berry,” “Count Chocula,” and “Franken Berry” introduce a feeling like no other. A feeling of being ten years old and enjoying a delicious bowl of one of these (or all three) on the morning of Halloween, unbelievably excited for what the night has in store. Obviously, these cereals are a prerequisite for celebrating Halloween.

1.) Candy Corn – Nothing screams Halloween more than this iconic yellow, orange, and white striped candy. Even if the original version doesn’t strike your fancy, it comes in a wide variety, including pumpkin shaped. Whether you love it or hate it, candy corn is the best Halloween edition food due to its pure fame and influence.