Top Ten Best Spots for Brunch

Audrey Hancock, Staff Writer

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   Ah, Brunch. Some consider it to be the best meal of the day. Neither breakfast nor lunch, but rather a concoction of both, where one can mix and match traditional dishes from both meals. There are countless places one can choose from in order to enjoy the meal to its fullest potential. But with so many options, how can one choose the best? We’ve narrowed it down to our favorites, so here are the top ten SD Brunch spots.

10.) Kono’s Cafe – If you’re ever looking for breakfast and/or lunch in beautiful Pacific Beach, don’t discount Kono’s. From pancakes and bacon to omelets and pies, brunch by the beach is the best way to do it.

9). Great Maple – As sticky as it sounds, Great Maple does both sweet and savory. Best known for making food with a twist, make sure to stop by when you’re craving anything from chocolate to brunch burritos.

8.) Sugar and Scribe Bakery – With this super cute environment, you’ll most likely run into a couple of people from school. Whether that be a good thing or a bad thing, it shouldn’t hold you back from trying delicious blueberry pancakes or roasted potatoes.

7.) Caroline’s Seaside Cafe – Another brunch-by-the-beach spot, Caroline’s is the perfect place to go with friends, family, or even a date! Cute for birthdays and other celebrations as well, there’s something on the menu for everyone.

6.) Pappalecco – Great Italian food that will make you indulge until either your wallet or your stomach can’t take anymore! After your meal, you can take a nice walk about Little Italy, especially on Saturdays when the Farmers’ Market can satisfy your aesthetic needs.

5.) Farmer’s Table – With fresh foods straight from the farm and right to your plate, Farmer’s Table’s menu is to die for, especially their pizzas and salads. Needless to say, you’ll definitely be leaving here with a full belly.

4.) Cafe 222 – With a menu consisting of gourmet pancakes and yummy waffles alongside so much more, this is one popular spot, so you’ll want to get here early. After eating that big meal you can walk it off by exploring Downtown San Diego.

3.) Te Mana Cafe – With amazing breakfast bowls and Hawaiian-inspired foods, Te Mana is a must-visit OB joint. Their acai bowl and pesto on a bagel dishes are a must-try as well. If that’s not making you drool, then take a look at all their sandwiches, smoothies, and bowls.

2.) Fig Tree Cafe – Fig Tree Cafe is a perfect example of interesting meets delicious. If you’re not already intrigued, just think — hot cocoa topped with cinnamon buns. With their rural environment and cabin-like architecture you’ll feel like you’re not even in San Diego anymore.

1.) Dukes – If you’re not in awe of the gorgeous ocean view, then the food will definitely do it for you. Imported strait from Hawaii, poke tacos are my personal favorite, but overall their menu will just blow you away. Make sure to stop in for brunch, or any meal for that matter.

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