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New VP is Mr. V — Villalobos That is

UC High’s New Vice Principal Alex Villalobos is excited to be a part of UC High.

UC High’s New Vice Principal Alex Villalobos is excited to be a part of UC High.

Rebecca Garcia

Rebecca Garcia

UC High’s New Vice Principal Alex Villalobos is excited to be a part of UC High.

Summer Ingalls, Staff Writer

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  UC High is happy to welcome new Vice Principal Alex Villalobos. “He’s the new positive and upbeat guy around campus,” said Principal Jeff Olivero. Olivero also stated he’s very student centered and easy to approach. “I’m always here to listen and help if any admin, teachers, and students have any issues, school related or not,” said Villalobos.

   Villalobos explained that he grew up in San Marcos, California, later moving to San Diego, California to attend the University of San Diego. After he graduated in 1996, with a double major in Spanish and Economics. He moved to Madrid, Spain to earn his Master’s Degree in Spanish. He attended Middlebury College in Madrid, a beautiful academic institution right in the heart of the city. Villalobos stated that he loved living in Madrid, saying it was a great experience learning and living in a different culture. “I fell in love with a culture I never knew was a part of me,” said Villalobos.

   After he received his masters degree in Spanish, he got his first job at the age of twenty-two, teaching at San Marcos Middle School. He worked there for about 6 years. “I was an ASB advisor, as well as a Spanish teacher. I had even built and designed a Spanish program at San Marcos Middle School,” said Villalobos. The San Diego Unified School District then later hired him to teach Spanish, Economics and Student Government at Crawford High School. He was an ASB advisor there as well.

   “When I started working at San Marcos Middle School, I was also hired to be a professor at the University of San Diego and I taught there for sixteen years, teaching in the Languages and Literature Department,” said Villalobos. “Long days teaching at San Marcos Middle, with even longer nights teaching at USD,” said Villalobos. The principal of San Marcos Middle nominated him to enroll in a one-and-one-half year admin credential program, which obviously paid off as he then became the Vice Principal of Knox Middle School, his first administration position.

   When Villalobos isn’t working, you can find him at the gym exercising or just going for a run around the neighborhood. “Every morning, since I can remember, I wake up and do a stretch routine. I think it helps me wake up and is a good way to start the day!” said Villalobos. Aside from his job and his exercise routine, he may also be found at home playing with his dog and cat, both of whom he adores.

     On a more personal note, Villalobos also enjoys spending time with his loved ones. “I own a condo in Tijuana and me and my friends go down there on the weekends,” said Villalobos. He explained that he heads down there whenever he gets a chance. He added, “I’ve been married for two very happy years,” with a smile on his face.

   Villalobos stated that he’s willing to work here as long as he can and will do his part to support the school. “It’s now 2018, and I have become Vice Principal at UC High. I am extremely excited to be back at the high school level. I am also very proud to be a UC High Centurion!” exclaimed Villalobos. Well, we are happy to have you Mr. V.

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New VP is Mr. V — Villalobos That is