So You Really Want to be Millionaire; Who Doesn’t?

Samantha Wang, Editor-in-Chief

Growing up we are taught that money doesn’t buy happiness. However, when it comes to choosing a major in college, which will eventually determine our careers, money is actually a huge determiner and plays a significant role in this decision. This is because of the many boons that come with financial stability. For example, as doctor, one would not only have job security but would also have a hefty income, respect and great benefits in terms of health care, dental care, paid vacations and sick days. With so many different opportunities and careers available, here are a few that make the most money.

According to CNN Money, the number one top paying job is a general surgeon. They make a median of 288,000 dollars annually with a top pay of 396,000 dollars ( From getting four years of an undergraduate education to taking the Medical College Admission Test to another four years of medical school to completing a residency program, which could last three to eight years, to finally getting licensed, general surgeons sacrifice a lot and work hard, and probably drink a lot of coffee, to make the money they do.

Another top paying job is a Petroleum Geologist. Petroleum Geologists work with oil discovery and production, according to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. They discover oils and identify possible oil deposits and run simulations and manipulate geological data to test possible petroleum reservoirs — you can thank them for not having to walk to school. Petroleum Geologists have a median pay is of 183,000 dollars and a top pay of 289,000 dollars (  This job is extremely important because with a world that depends so heavily on oil, petroleum geologists are the ones who help make our dependence possible.

“I think it takes a good education, motivation and a good idea to get a top paying job” said Senior Elijah Schneider. According to CNN Money, a Patent Attorney is another top paying career job. With a median pay of 175,000 dollars and a top pay of 260,000 dollars, these lawyers help their clients patent their ideas and help them with licensing and litigation against copycats (

When deciding on what career we want to pursue, many different factors come into play. Nevertheless, we all know which jobs make the most money and we can’t help but consider how our lives would be if we made 396,000 dollars a year. Would you own a red hot Ferrari or perhaps have a summer home in Hawaii? However, having a top paying job has a cost. These jobs all have one thing in common: they take  hard work and determination. Are you willing to put in the effort?