Girls Field Hockey Team Determined to go Further Than Ever This Season


Judy Scott

Junior Sydney Buchanan making a pass down the field at the team’s first League game.

Judy Scott, Sports Editor

   Currently ranked first in their division for League play, the UC High Girls Field Hockey Team is starting out with a bang.

   The new season brings a lot of changes to the team. With plenty of seniors graduating last year, the team dynamic is different. Senior Captain Jenna Amos said, “The team chemistry is really good this year. We all work well together. Even though we have a lot of underclassmen, they’re growing into having a big role on the team.”

   Team synergy and working together is a big part of the team’s success. Head Coach Amber Zimmermann said, “In a preseason game, they played against Torrey Pines, an open division team. I feel like the team basically went into the game already defeated. However, through the progression of that game, they realized how much skill they had and what they needed to step up to do.”

    The team had their last preseason game the following week against Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) and won the game 1-0. Zimmerman said, “They went into that game with the right mentality, the right warmup, the right focus, and it really paid off. It was really exciting to prove their skill to themselves and that it doesn’t matter who you’re facing, you just have to play your game.” Junior Sydney Buchanan said, “This was such a great win because they’re an open division team, and last year we got absolutely crushed by them. It was a boost of confidence that we really needed and we played really well. We really connected.”

   Another new addition to the team is Assistant Coach Lizzy Des Enfants, a former field hockey player and the Head Coach of the Girls Lacrosse Team. Many players raved about her presence on the team. Senior Captain Mia Stewart said, “Coach Lizzy is our number one hype woman. She motivates us so much and I think she brings a lot of really positive energy to the team, especially at games.” Buchanan agreed, “She always picks up the team’s spirit when we’re low.”

   Along with her positive energy, Des Enfants also grounds the team and keeps them on track. Senior Captain Emma Giesting said, “She’s intense and focused, but she also brings that fun and helps to remind us when we need to take a step back.”

   Being such an involved, fast paced sport, the team really has to connect in order to win. Zimmermann said, “It really comes down to them playing together. It’s not one player that’s going to make the difference or define the outcome. It’s how they all play together and the respect they have for each other that impacts the game the most.” Zimmerman added, “Everyone has different skills that are going to contribute to the result of the game.”

   The team continues to shatter expectations. Des Enfants said, “I jumped on board and didn’t really know anything about the team but for us to be ranked so high and be playing so well against such skilled teams is awesome.” Being her first year coaching the team, Des Enfants said, “I’m looking forward to seeing the growth in every single player and having a fun season.”

   After winning their first League game 2-1 against La Jolla Country Day, there is high hope for the team. Stewart said, “My predictions for the rest of the season is we’re going to win League, go onto CIFs, and hopefully win.” Although the team has never won CIF before, they made it to the semifinals in the previous season. Junior Flavia Delle Monache said, “We have great potential and great team chemistry this year. I think we’re going to go far.”