Successful Swim and Dive Make a Splash With Super Season

Kate Wiggins, Features Editor

Ending on a high note, the UC High Swim and Dive team finished their 2021 season as Division Two CIF Champions this April. 

   With hard work comes great success. There is no question that the team didn’t grind in the pool to bring home the big win. “We have all worked really hard on our own given that swimming is an individual sport and we give everything we’ve got in the pool every day,” said Senior Sophie Ryan. 

   Sophomore Kathryn Hazle shared, “During dual meets we practiced different relay orders to figure out which was the best fit, and it really paid off at the end.” Lieu explained some members trained constantly, whether it be for high school or their club team. 

   Keeping up great team camaraderie is key to the good energy on the team. “Overall, the team is super supportive and everyone seemed to always make the best out of meets and practices. I think all of us were very grateful and excited to have a season this year, especially during the pandemic, which made us more motivated,” said Lieu. 

   “Given this year’s small team, we all got along really well. When we have relays we really lift each other up as well as holding each other accountable, which I think is really important,” said Ryan. Dudley agreed, sharing the fact that the team is sure to congratulate each other on a good race or give a hug if things don’t go their way. 

   Senior Krystal Lieu shared her excitement: “Winning CIF my senior year was an unbelievable way to end the high school season. The feeling when the official had announced our first place win was unforgettable and a big highlight of my senior year.” 

   Senior Allysa Dudly added, “Being a part of the team that won CIF was one of the proudest moments of my life. I was so excited and grateful to contribute to our big win, especially coming back from last year when we lost our season due to Covid-19.”

   With a strong graduating class featuring several college commits, it will be a challenge to continue the team’s momentum next season. But this year’s seniors have no doubt that they will be able to do so. “In future seasons, I believe that the team will perform just as well because there were a good amount of fast underclassmen who will only get better,” said Lieu. 

   Ryan added, “I have confidence that the team will continue to get better through the years and there will definitely be more CIF championships to win in the future.” Hazle expressed her farewell to her seniors: “I think the team will perform great in the future, but the seniors in the group will be missed too.”