Boys Baseball Back to Play


Courtesy of Gavin Scurr

Seniors Alonzo Ramos and Gavin Scurr congratulate each other during a practice.

Jack O'Donnell, News Editor

By Jack O’Donnell

News Editor

   The boys baseball season is now back in full swing, and the team is ready for a comeback after last year’s season was cut short.

   Senior Pitcher Juan Torres Chapa said, “Throughout quarantine I tried to remain hopeful that sports would come back sooner rather than later. I coped with it by finding the time to work on my swing and pitching. It feels great to be back with the boys and to be given a chance to finish the full four years of playing together.” 

   Senior Catcher Gavin Scurr said, “Over the last year, myself and other athletes were very sad and disappointed about the cutoff for sports. However, getting back on the field this year was very exciting and I was very happy to get back on the field.”

   Senior Outfielder James Engebretson said, “As the school year went on, I grew more and more uncertain that we were going to have a baseball season. Now that we’re back playing every day, it feels great to finally get out of the house and exercise on a consistent basis.”

   The team has a clear purpose in mind going into this season. Head Coach Richard Frink said, “Our goals haven’t changed. We want to compete and shoot for a League title and then a CIF championship.”

   Frink continued, “This is a very diverse group. We have some great senior leaders who really want to prove themselves. We also have some great young talent with two freshmen on varsity that we can build around.”

   The prolonged wait for the season brought by COVID-19 has kept athletes from practicing, but the team is eagerly  preparing for competition. Frink said, “There is some rust, but we are working everyday to shake it off. We have also hit some soreness from muscles that have not been used for months.”

   Scurr said, “My favorite part about playing on the team is the connection and bond you get with your team, and those friendships last a long time. The team is looking good, with a tough schedule we’ve got to come out and compete.”

   Engebretson said, “Coach Frink has been an amazing coach for the years I have been on the team. He always does what’s best for the team, has the requisite baseball knowledge, and knows how to get the team prepared for any opponent.”

   Engebretson shared his thoughts, “My favorite part about the playing on the team is the bond we all share with each other, even though we have only been officially practicing for a couple weeks.”