Girls Golf Readies for Possible Season

Jack O'Donnell, News Editor

   The SD Prep Insider Instagram account released a chart that showed what youth and adult recreational sports are allowed by the current tier of the county. Girls golf would be allowed in the Purple widespread tier. This makes it much more likely to return alongside other low person to person contact sports ( 

   “Safety should be our number one priority and if that means that we aren’t able to play sports, I’m okay with that,” said Senior Angelica Smith. Senior Emily Bly agreed, “I hope we get the chance to play since it will be my last season. But, before any of that, we have to get COVID-19 under control to ensure everyone is safe.” Smith and Bly have both played on the team since they were sophomores. 

   The team had a successful season last year. “We were very successful last year. We were able to win League Championships and played very well in CIF playoffs,” said Smith. 

   The UC High Athletics website gave congratulations to the Girls Golf Team, who won back-to-back Eastern League Championships last year ( 

     The team is looking forward to hopefully returning to play. “If we get to play this season then I’m excited to build up the team, since we lost many seniors last year, and to finally have a senior night!” said Bly. Smith said, “I would look forward to spending time with the team again. Being together was always the most fun part no matter what the outcome was.”

   The team agreed that golf is about more than individual performance. “

My favorite thing was that even though it is an individual sport, your team is still always there to back you up, and you’re all working towards a common goal.”

— Senior Angelica Smith

,” said Smith. Bly said, “I love how even though this sport is individual, it’s all about teamwork and being able to help if someone is having a bad day.”

   UC High Testing Coordinator Gail Hall is the coach of the team. “If we don’t get the chance to play this year I just want to say that Ms. Hall is such an amazing coach. When I started, I had never picked up a club before and I was horrible, but she was always so encouraging and helpful. I always looked forward to the practices and matches because we always had so much fun. I’m going to miss it,” said Bly. 

 The UC High Athletics website also congratulated Junior Lynn Pham for winning the City Conference golf tournament in her sophomore season, shooting a 73 at Balboa (