Cross Country Cautiously Prepares for Season

Pavle Ristic, Sports Editor

The Boys and Girls Cross Country Teams are currently working hard to be prepared for a potential return in the coming months.
Senior Aiden Krapf is optimistic about a potential season. “Despite everything that is going on, we are hopeful that there will be a season. Cross country is an outdoor sport which definitely does not hurt the chances of a comeback. Although it will be a shortened season, there are currently plans for season races, CIF races, and even state races if we can make it that far. Whatever the season has in store for us, we will be ready,” said Krapf.
Senior Co-Captain Karina Rodey and the rest of the team have not been slacking over the COVID-19 break. “Each runner has run about 450 miles since the middle of June. We are really proud of everyone keeping up with their running despite these difficult times,” she said.
Practices have seen huge changes as well, Junior Co-Captain Hannah Stiegler shared, “We have had the same amount of running to do, we have just had to do it on our own, which is challenging because running with others makes practice more competitive and interesting.”
Athletes have been working hard their whole careers and are happy that this season will not be canceled. Senior Ryan Gleason said, “If all goes well and we do end up having this season it will be a great relief. We have all worked really hard and to have that all wasted would be a real shame.” Krapf added, “After seeing so many people miss out on big parts of their career last year, I have been hoping that we would have some form of season, if everything stays as it is I think we will be able to.”
Krapf touched on how a lack in team chemistry could affect performances, “Traveling and training with your teammates creates a genuine bond between everyone and helps us perform better. Having a better mood and being more excited to run yields better results, so it is unfortunate that we won’t have as much fun as we usually would in a season.
The Girls Cross Country Team usually has a pre-season running camp in Sequoia National Park which was cancelled because of COVID-19. Stiegler said, “Pre-season camp is usually a great time to get in shape and get some great team bonding done; it is very unfortunate that this season will be so different.”
Stiegler added, “Having something to focus on like cross country has been really nice. I love running and getting away from everything that is going on.”