Varsity Boys Water Polo Bounces Back From Previous Season

Avalon Owens, Staff Writer

The UC High Boys Varsity Water Polo Team is made up of talented athletes who embody strong determination and teamwork. With a record of 2-6, the team hopes to improve upon their skills and have a successful season.

   “The team is performing surprisingly well after a tough season last year,” explained Junior Captain Kurtis Ramsey. Senior Captain Nathanial Frazer affirmed his hopes for the future of the program when he added, “This year is a reset year. It is our new coach’s first season with us and this gives me hope for the advancement of our team.” According to Senior Ethan Lee, “If we keep getting strong incoming players then I believe our future is bright.”

   With their future in mind, these athletes work tirelessly to make those goals a reality. They practice daily and condition hard to ensure that they are fit for games. “The most challenging part about playing is having strong endurance since you never get to rest. We stay in shape by constantly working hard every practice,” stated Ramsey. 

   No matter how physically and mentally demanding the sport may be, the players have made lasting memories throughout their years playing at UC High. “Every game has an experience that I’ll cherish, but my favorite water polo experience was when my buddy Nate Frazer scored the tie-breaking goal against Mission Bay as the game ended,” said Lee. This exciting game left a lasting impression on all the boys and Frazer recalled this memory as one that stood out above the rest of his high school career.    

   In and out of the pool the athletes are great friends; however, the team is filled with strong personalities that can lead to some disputes while playing. Ramsey admitted, “The team does work together fairly well, but some kids do butt heads here and there.” Frazer considers working together to be one of the hardest parts of the game. “When in the pool we need to work like a machine, all striving towards getting that goal or preventing a pass. Everyone wants to play the way they want to play and sometimes they contradict each other, but other times we play in perfect harmony,” said Frazer. 

   Despite the challenging nature of the game, the athletes are grateful to be part of the team and encourage new people to give it a try every year. “Some advice to give to people trying out is don’t quit. It’s hard at first, but it gets a lot better once you’re in good enough shape,” revealed Ramsey. “A lot of people don’t play the sport because they think it is too hard. It is hard; even I was terrible at one point, but what kept me going was knowing that I was playing one of the hardest sports that not everyone has the drive to play,” said Frazer.

   The program is eager to welcome new players and see who can contribute to the team in future years. “Sure, I would like the team to ball out for my senior year, but I’d rather pass on my knowledge and skills to the younger players. The future of the team rests on their shoulders and I hope that I gave them what they needed so our team can get back into Division 1,” concluded Frazer.