Track and Field Strong Team Chemistry Helps Lead to Success

Kate Wiggins, Sports Editor

  The UC High Track and Field Team has put in hard work this spring as they go into CIF; the Girls Team took the Western League Title once again, and the Boys Team placed second, following Point Loma High.

    “We have done really, really well so far,” said Sophomore Katriina Wright. She continued, “Placing, let alone winning is a huge accomplishment for us [the Girls Team].” They placed over schools such as Cathedral Catholic High, Point Loma High and Scripps Ranch High.

   The team’s success is partially due to the amount of hard work that is put in during practice. Sophomore Kilee Horner explained, “During the week, Coach Hutsel will give us really hard workouts, which can make us sore for days. But it really pays off when you have a big meet and you cross the finish line, and you see that you beat your PR [personal record], or you shaved a lot of time off.”

   Wright added, “Practice can be very difficult and tiring, but you just have to work through it. No matter how you are feeling, you just have to do what you got to do for yourself and your teammates. By working hard you can only get better. You have to start somewhere, but you’ll start to reduce your times as you go.”

   Adding to the team’s strong work ethic, they can also attribute their success to the strong team camaraderie that they have built. “There is not as much stress, and we all can relate to each other, and we understand each other on a different level,” explained Wright. Horner emphasized the importance of team chemistry, specifically in relays. “If we don’t work well together, we can’t expect our team to work as a whole even though everyone is doing their individual part,” said Horner. Not only does the team hangout with each other during practices, but they also chill together outside of school, mentioned Senior Kimmi Weiss.

   The Boys Team still stands strong alongside the girls, as mentioned before, placing second in Western League. Senior Max Pinto stated, “The Girls Team has definitely outdone the Boys Team a little this year, but I think that they will come back really strong next season.”

   As CIF approached, the team, both boys and girls prepared themselves and made sure they were in the right mindsets. “One of our main goals going into CIF was to survive and advance. Once you stop winning in CIF, your year is over. You just have to beat out the competition and move on,” explained Pinto. “Everyone was really determined to do the best they could. At the end of the day you’re a team, and if you mess up everyone messes up,” stated Wright. She added that those kind of situations can be stressful, but you just have to trust your team, and be proud to have them as teammates.

   Things are looking good for the girls 4 by 400 meters team. Winning in League and projected to do well in CIF, there is a great shot that the team will land a spot at the State Meet. “The Girl’s 4×400 has a great shot at CIF. We are [seeded] number two in San Diego because of how well we did in our recent race, and we are looking to go to State this year,” explained Wright.

   Many team members had great things to say about the UC High Track and Field Program. The history, the coaches, and the great team chemistry are just some of the things that Pinto could say about the program. “UC High’s Track and Field are so special because we all support each other and want to challenge each other to become our best,” said Weiss.

   The future looks bright for the program in future years as well. New goals will be set for the team and, with the amount of skill and hard work the team brings to the table, it won’t be hard for them. “I hope that in the future, everyone has a chance at placing in CIF and League,” said Wright. Weiss finally added, “We have a lot of young talent that I’m sure will make the Track and Field Program very well known throughout the next few years.”