Senior Students Beat Staff in Annual Basketball Game Fundraiser


Helen Tadesse

Senior Jaren Pallemon-Bell guards Principal Jeff Olivero.

Jack O'Donnell, Staff Writer

   The Student Versus Staff Basketball Game happened Friday, March 16 at 5:30 p.m. in the gym. The seniors beat the staff with a final score of 73 – 63.

   According to Principal Jeff Olivero, the staff had won the last four years.

   “It’s terrible. I’m going to go home and practice free throws. I don’t recall the last time [we lost] it’s been so long. I’m going to go home and cry like Tom Brady,” said Teacher Eddie Hernandez.

    Before the game, Student Team Coach Justin Anderson said, “We’re going to have to stop Mr. Frink. He’s big — his presence in the post, and then Ms. Chadwick — she might be a little sleeper there. I don’t know if Mr. Pollard is playing this year, but last year he was good for the staff. If we can just stop their presence inside, their big men, then I think that we’ll be good.”

   The students won the opening tip, and both teams quickly scored on each other.

   The score at the end of the first quarter was 23 – 11, giving the students a large lead.

   At the end of the first half, the students were still ahead 32 – 31, but the score was much closer going into the second half.

   In the third quarter, the staff and students each had small leads going back and forth. However, by the end of the quarter, the students had again regained a good seven point lead, the score being 51 – 44.

   By the end of the game, the students had a commanding 10 point lead, 73 – 63.

   Senior Clay Adams lit up the scoreboard throughout the game, scoring 18 points for the students.

   “Great thoughts on the outcome you know. It’s been awhile since the students have won, and I’m glad that we got it done when we were seniors,” said Adams.

     Teacher Anthony Pollard made a big impact for the staff, scoring a total of 12 points.

   Pollard said, “Well, I’ve been saying this the whole time — it’s kind of weird how the staff keeps getting older but the students keep staying the same age for some reason. So yeah, it’s bound to happen.”

   Teacher and Basketball Coach David Asuncion said, “All streaks have to come to an end, so time to start a new one next year.”

   Olivero said, “It’s always fun playing our seniors. We’ve known each other for four years and enjoy the opportunity to compete. And as you know, at UC we compete!”

   Pollard said, “Oh, I think it’s good. Most people don’t know that even though the teachers lost by the score, the teachers still won, because whenever it gets the students involved, and the students win, we win.”

   “All I know is that the staff were sleeping on us. They thought they were going to take four years in a row, come out and take the win, like it ain’t nothing,” said Senior David Du.