Minteer Brings Talent and Positivity to Girls Softball Team

Kate Wiggins, Staff Writer

   Senior Natalie Minteer has been playing softball since she was a young girl. She first got involved with the sport after her parents signed her up for Little League with her brothers, playing baseball. She made the switch to softball a year later.

   Minteer started her high school softball career as a freshman on the UC High Varsity Softball Team. “I like the high school ball season, because I like the feeling of playing for my school,” said Minteer.

   She is extremely happy to announce that she has committed to play softball in college. “I am going to San Francisco State University, and I am very excited,” explained Minteer.

   Her teammates believe that she is the perfect definition of a good teammate. “Natalie is a good leader, and she’s really nice. She is always giving encouragement, is always positive, and is a really a good person to be around,” said Senior Karli Ramsey.

   “Natalie carries the team. She is always loud; she is always cheering everyone on, and she is always happy,” said Senior Leilani Duarte.

   Despite her hectic softball schedule, Minteer finds a way to balance her school work. “It is manageable. I like to be busy, because if I had nothing to do then I wouldn’t get anything done. Playing sports makes me take initiative,” explained Minteer.

   Playing softball at school with her friends is one of the highlights of high school for Minteer. “Being able to play with my friends from school makes the season more fun, because we are with each other so much and we all get very close,” she commented.

   Not only is Minteer a good teammate, but her skills on the field prove that she is a well-rounded athlete. “Natalie can get us out of a jam if we are in one, and she is our go-to player,” said Ramsey.

   “Her pitching skills really help us out a lot,” added Duarte.

   “Natalie is extremely positive. She’s always talking us up and getting us pumped up. She’s super nice and keeps us in the game, and she is an all-around good teammate,” said Freshman Ashley Legler.

   This year, Minteer hopes to take her team to success during her final season of high school ball. “We are in a new league and division this year, but we should be fine,” said Minteer. “Last year we did really well. Our team won our league, but unfortunately we lost in CIF,” she added.

   Minteer will be missed by her teammates next year. Her supportive personality, and her great leadership skills will be hard to forget once she graduates. Hopefully, Minteer can finish her high school career with a bang.