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Renee Races to the End of High School

Luke Minnick

Luke Minnick

Helen Tadesse, Staff Writer

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   The life of a cross country runner is filled with many fast paced practices, workouts, and competitions that only dedicated, strong-willed athletes can keep up with. Luckily, Senior Renee Torre has been running on UC High’s Cross Country Team since her freshman year. “I’ve been through a lot with running. Both the good and the bad. It’s taught me to keep going,” said Torre. With constant practices and competitions, as well as keeping up grades and a social life, Torre must be on her game at all times.

Cross country is a non-stop sport. It requires a slow and gradual build-up of endurance that must be exercised even in the sport’s off season. “She probably ran six hundred miles throughout the summer,” said Coach Gimi McCarthy. He explained that a lot of his runners, especially the ones who have become really strong like Torre, can’t afford to take time off from the sport, so it tends to become a year-round commitment.

   “Our sport is a fitness sport, and the only way to get better is to build. So you have to run more and more and more,” said McCarthy. McCarthy referenced a short story by John O’Sullivan on the dedication it takes to be a runner when describing Torre: “It’s easy to say, ‘I want to be a college athlete’ or ‘I want to be a pro,’ because the dream is free. But the hustle? That will cost you. What are you willing to pay?” McCarthy believes Torre is a great example of a dedicated athlete, and her commitment to the sport is what makes her such a strong runner.

   Between going to school, practice, and finishing homework, Torre has to be consistent in her routine and disciplined. “Her dedication to the sport is what makes her such a good athlete,” said Teammate Elise Boisvert. The pair have been running together since their freshman year. Torre said her favorite part about being on the team is being with her friends all the time.

   “It’s a commitment. So it requires a lot of time management, especially with school. You know, it’s a bit of a struggle having to come home right after practice, usually late at night, and work on homework, and go to bed early,” said Torre. Despite the difficult schedule, Torre doesn’t plan on quitting any time soon.

   She plans on pursuing the sport in college, and is considering attending either UC Santa Barbara or Cal Poly San Luis Obispo next fall.

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Renee Races to the End of High School