High School Students Prepare for College Application Season

Ghada Atalla, Staff Writer

  In order to prepare and plan for college, many juniors and seniors are currently researching colleges, majors, and financial aid.

  According to a nonprofit that helps with college preparation, it is recommended to  “…[d]iscuss college finances with your family. When performing your college search, you need to know how much your family will be able to contribute towards your college education. Always remember, just because a college may seem expensive and out of your reach, never assume anything. There are several types of financial aid that may enable you to attend a college that may seem too expensive” (mappingyourfuture.org).

   The nonprofit also suggests attending college fairs or campus tours in research efforts to understand the school atmosphere (mappingyourfuture.org). 

   Senior Jacquie Frouin said, “I’ve been preparing for college by researching the majors and minors offered at undergraduate colleges to see which colleges provide those courses and focus on those career paths that I’m interested in pursuing.” 

   Frouin explained how research helps to prepare for college applications. “Because I already knew the area where I wanted to go for my college years and what major I was interested in, most of my college preparation has been tailored around that,” she said.

   According to the Fremont College website, “College is an important investment in your future. The amount of time and effort you spend preparing for college can ease the transition and help you get more out of the experience. From proper time management to taking better notes, there are a few things you can work on while you are still in high school to prepare for the demands of college” (fremont.edu).

   “One of the biggest differences between high school and college level courses is that college has more content in shorter periods of time. Because of this, you will find that your college classes will often contain bigger exams over more content. The best way to prepare for this is to learn how to be organized. Having a calendar to keep track of assignments and exams will alleviate a lot of stress, and will also allow you to manage your time in a way that schedules daily study time,” explains the Fremont College website (fremont.edu).

   “To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the college experience, you must learn to balance school, your social life, and any other obligations you have. Keep a calendar of all paper due dates and exam dates. Set aside a certain amount of time each day that you devote to uninterrupted studying,” says the Fremont College website (fremont.edu).