The Man, the Myth, the Comedian… Mr. Lincoln

Jade Wood, Staff Writer

   High school students hardly ever think about their teachers and administrators outside of their career paths. However, many staff members have fascinating lives outside of UC High. Assistant Principal Antwon Lincoln, for one, was not always employed in education, and dabbled in the entertainment field beforehand as a hilarious comedian. 

   Ever since he was a little kid, Lincoln loved to tell jokes and make people happy. He recalled a fond memory dating back to his kindergarten years. He said, “I had told my first joke to make a kid laugh. It was something simple like ‘one, two, pick up your shoe.’ Sure, it was just a riddle, but it made my friends laugh, and ever since I have wanted to continue making people laugh.”

   Befriending your VP is not on many students’ to-do lists, but a simple conversation with Lincoln would most definitely bring you a few laughs. When Lincoln was in high school, describing him as funny would have been an understatement. “I was considered the class clown,” he recalled. His high school yearbook mentions the infectious laughs he caused.

   Lincoln began his career of spreading joy in people’s lives at the young age of 18, while attending both Grossmont College and California State University Long Beach to obtain a degree in elementary education. Though enjoying his comic profession at the time, his comedic journey came to a cease at the age of 24 when he became a teacher as a result of his mom feeling that he was wasting his degree. 

   Lincoln performed at The Comedy Store in La Jolla and Los Angeles, along with a few venues across the country all while studying at college. “I had an easy time finding gigs,” said Lincoln. He performed with well-known people like Jammie Foz, Cedric The Entertainer, and Jammie Kennedy. He enjoyed covering topics about being a kid and relationships. He was even titled runner up in  the Funniest Comedian in San Diego contest.

   Oh so talented Mr. Lincoln not only was a comedian and teacher, and now an administrator, but he also once upon a time was an organizer for the well known TedTalks: “I was the organizer for TEDx Chula Vista. It was a wonderful experience and our shows were ranked in the top 10 percent of TEDx events. Our talks have received over one million views.”

   Lincoln said that he enjoyed being a teacher. Teaching allowed him to converse with students and get to know them on an individual level. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, he realized that he would get more joy out of becoming an administrator, because he loved getting to know students on a level outside of teaching and getting to be more involved with the whole school.

   Lincoln is loved around campus and leaves a positive impression on students. Sophomore V’anna Nguyen is the co-captain of the University City All Female Dance Club, of which Lincoln has become the adviser. Nguyen had many good things to say about Lincoln. “He’s someone I can trust and be honest with. I look up to him and he motivates me to do better for myself. He always tries to make my days better when I’m down with his funny personality,” she said. Nguyen shared a fond memory shared between the two: “Once he said to me, ‘Vanna breathe, just think about blind unicorns dancing on clouds.’ He never fails to make me laugh.”

   Having a charismatic ex-comedian as an AP is far and away a campus highlight. Not only is Lincoln funny, but he’s caring, invested, genuine, and goes above and beyond in his Assistant Principal role, bringing never-ending laughter to those around him. Next time you see him walking around the school, make sure to start a conversation, and a truckload of jokes will surely come your way.