Global News: Lukashenko and the Belarusian Border

Pavle Ristic, Editor-In-Chief

   At the Belarussian border with Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, thousands of migrants are facing freezing weather as they attempt to enter into the European Union (EU).

   Belarus recently relaxed visa laws and has since seen a massive increase in the number of migrants coming into the country. They facilitated this growth by using “tourist” programs that have asylum seekers pay to be taken to Belarus’ border with the EU. The programs allege that they will help provide safe passage, yet migrants are faced with the same problems as in any other country in addition to the brutal eastern European winter (

   According to the EU, Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko is purposely directing these migrants towards member states Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. They claim that this is Lukashenko’s attempt to pressure them into relaxing sanctions placed against Belarus as a result of his actions during the 2020 Belarussian presidential election. Lukashenko continuously denies the allegations of persecuting independent journalists, national minorities, and political opponents during the elections. However, the rest of the world (particularly the EU) is not so easily fooled (

   Multiple reports also claim that Belarussian soldiers are helping the migrants illegally cross the border at and around these encampments. They have been sighted distracting the Polish military with lights and lasers and then cutting holes in the fence and wire for migrants to pass through. These reports do not help Lukashenko’s attempt to make himself out as a bystander in the whole situation ( 

   In addition to orchestrating a humanitarian crisis and silencing his opposition with an iron fist, Lukashenko is now threatening to cut off Belarus’ massive oil pipeline, which supplies much of Western Europe. Just in time for the harsh winter, it would be a disaster if a large portion of the European population was left without heating.

   Senior Luke Granillo said, “What Lukashenko is up to is disgusting; he is using thousands of innocent migrants as a part of his scheme to get off the hook for other terrible things he has done. He is using the fact that the rest of the world is compassionate and cares for what happens to these people in order to get what he wants.”

   As he attempts to bully his way to his wishes, Lukashenko is making many very unhappy. After his threats about the pipeline, even his greatest supporter, Russian President Vladimir Putin, has spoken against him. Much of the world is growing increasingly frustrated with the way Lukashenko goes about his business, and there may soon be some major steps taken against the Belarussian Head of State (