UC High Welcomes Antwon Lincoln as New Vice Principal

Maddie Williams, Staff Writer

   UC High is excited to announce that Mr. Antwon Lincoln will take on the responsibilities of vice principal alongside current Vice Principal Alexander Villalobos. Lincoln served many helpful years at Chula Vista Elementary School District, where he was the Instructional Technology Coordinator, and is prepared and eager to begin his work at UC High.

   Since Lincoln is coming from outside of the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD), Villalobos explained that he has made lots of preparations for the adjustment to be smooth and calm. “I am looking forward to helping Mr. Lincoln get acclimated to UC and SDUSD since he is coming from Chula Vista Elementary School District. I am sure it will be a big adjustment for Mr. Lincoln, but I have faith that our school committee selected an amazing person for the job,” Villalobos said. 

   Lincoln will take the place of recently-retired Vice Principal Jo McGlin, who parted ways with UC High in December 2020. “I am very excited to have a new work partner at UC. I’ve missed working with someone,” said Villalobos. The pair will work together to accomplish shared goals. Lincoln explained that at times it can be nerve racking going into a new school, but he is confident that being a part of UC High’s administration team means only good things are planned to come. Together, the two vice principals hope to make UC High the best it can be.

   Lincoln explained that, coming from Chula Vista Elementary School District, he worked with only elementary and middle school students. Lincoln looks forward to building a strong relationship with high school students and a new age group. “I am excited about working closely with clubs and interacting with student leaders. The biggest adjustment will be working with young adults who are able to communicate their aspirations,” Lincoln said. 

  Lincoln has certainly joined the UC High team during a strange time, with distance-learning and the pandemic affecting normal education. “I am nervous about the adjustment of students when they return to UC’s campus. The pandemic has created some challenges for students and teachers. It is my priority to support UC in rebuilding a culture that the community can be proud of,” Lincoln said. Truly, Lincoln is prepared and keen to help UC High, no matter the conditions.

   The pandemic has actually played into a number of Lincoln’s goals and priorities. “I hope that I, along with the UC students and staff, can create an inclusive community where all students’ voices matter. I am passionate about developing student voices to express their ideas. Communication is one of the school’s focuses. I want to support UC students to create a voice that matters inside and outside of the UC Community,” explained Lincoln. One of his intended impacts is to help reconnect with students. “The pandemic has changed education and personal relationships. I am looking forward to helping UC High students re-establish those relationships,” Lincoln explained. 

   Students, along with faculty, are excited for Lincoln’s arrival. Junior Class President Mackenzie Conner has explained that she’s excited for the appearance of the new vice principal. “There will definitely be some big shoes to fill. However, I have no doubt that everything Mr. Lincoln hopes to accomplish while working at UC High will be achieved. What I hope for is someone to have a bit of fun and listen to not just our staff but the students as well,” Conner said. 

   UC High cannot wait for Lincoln to join the campus, and he is equally enthusiastic. “As the new VP, I know that students will want to know about me. I too want to know about them as well. I am very approachable and will listen to students to ensure that their UC experience will be something they will look back on with pride,” Lincoln concluded. UC High welcomes Mr. Lincoln, and is excited to see what the future has in store for him.