Salutatorian Christopher Carmichael No Stranger to Hard Work

Elaina Martin, Opinions Editor

   Earning the title of salutatorian is a mark of incredible achievement and tenacity in one’s academic career. Constantly keeping up with the necessary school work for difficult weighted classes while balancing one’s extracurriculars and social life is a daunting task, but the students who achieve this title make it seem like it’s a piece of cake. Class of 2020 Salutatorian Christopher Carmichael is no stranger to putting in lots of effort; with a cumulative high school grade point average of 4.57 and a transcript filled with interesting and challenging classes, he has proved himself to be a strong student deserving of this title. 

      The salutatorian has the second-highest GPA of the entire graduating class, a feat that can only be achieved by taking many Advanced Placement (AP) and honors classes each school year. While Carmichael has taken an outstanding number of these classes, he has a special regard for certain classes that have helped him grow as a student and help him find his interests. “AP Physics and AP Statistics both were intellectually inspiring classes in their own right — they taught me to love science and math,” he said. 

   Becoming salutatorian also requires immense diligence and a mastery of topics across the board. Because of this, Carmichael understands the importance of being a well-rounded individual. Math and science have certainly catered to his interests, but other classes have allowed him to develop as a person. “I think the AP Government class has really helped me become a better US citizen, because it encouraged me to vote in the California Primary, and has increased my interest in politics — for better or worse,” he said. 

   Despite taking on a challenging course load, Carmichael has still found time to push himself in other disciplines. An avid wrestler, he has found an outlet within the sport, which requires physical agility and strength. “UCHS Wrestling under the command of Coach Eddie Hernandez has been a life-changing experience. Most people have a tough time with this difficult sport, but it is built to reward only those who truly put their hearts into it. Coach Eddie has become a second father for most wrestlers and pushes us to great extent,” he said. Carmichael has been able to excel at the sport; according to Coach Eduardo Hernandez, “Chris has grown tremendously as a person. The adversities and triumphs he has experienced will easily translate into any direction life carries him.  He went from an unranked wrestler to a CIF Champion and top 5 in the county and as a coach and teacher I look forward to seeing him grow even more.”

   Wrestling, which requires great dedication and allows athletes to set and meet goals, can help athletes find balance in their lives. Carmichael clearly understands the impact of wrestling on his high school years, as he recommends it to anyone looking for a way to make him or herself stand out from the crowd. “The ability to put that you are a wrestler on your college papers and resumes really makes you stand out and gives you some unique experiences others don’t have,” he said.

   Carmichael is looking forward to attending University of California, Los Angeles in the fall, a prestigious school that has a reputation for its top-tier educational experience. While in college, he intends to study neuroscience, a career that his strong background in math and science lends itself to. “It is a field that has many cutting edge and interesting applications in the real world,” Carmichael stated. 

   It’s evident that determination and a drive to succeed are hardwired in Carmichael’s brain. The future might be uncertain, but it’s apparent that he will continue to achieve great things in his college years and beyond.