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The Mosh Pit, a column

Bahar Moshtaghian, Editor-in-Chief

September 30, 2011

The new textbooks. The clean classrooms. The crowded Counselor’s Office. I savored each of these sights at the beginning of September, keeping in mind that this would be the last time I would start off the school year at University...

Human Interest Media Focus Means No Real News

Alex Phillips, Staff Writer

July 21, 2011

Oftentimes, one turns on the news to a local broadcast channel and finds, instead of breaking coverage on revolutions in Egypt or the latest on Obama’s address to the people, the designer for the gown of the Royal Wedding. This...

Brains Behind Brawn in School Appreciation

Mary Lonsdale, Staff Writer

July 21, 2011

Every student contributes to his or her high school in some way—whether with athletic abilities, academic achievements, cheery dispositions, personality, or even a combination of these. Each individual trait has its merit, and...

Why Not Start School in August?

Alison Winter, Staff Writer

July 21, 2011

Around the time of Advanced Placement testing, it is common to see overwhelmed, cramming students and teachers. Many teachers are not even finished covering the curriculum of their AP subjects when testing time comes around. Other...

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