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CounterPoint: Which is Better for Student Achievement: Charter or Public School?

Josie Krupens, Staff Writer

April 26, 2019

   One rising question parents have to face when sending their children to school is deciding which type of school in which to enroll them. They must choose between public, private, and charter, which hovers in between the first ...

Current Spring Break Not Long Enough

Emma Truchan, Sports Editor

April 5, 2019

   Spring Break is a welcome and necessary time of relaxation for many, as the grueling second semester and fast-approaching final exams weigh heavily on students. But one week might not be enough time for students to truly catch up on everything. Spring Break is the ...

Parking Lot Traffic Threatens Student Safety

Inigo Lintag, News Editor

April 5, 2019

   As of late, the traffic in the University City area has been getting progressively worse. Although some may blame factors such as late start and other complications that accompany daily driving routes, the real culprits are drivers and their horrendous parking lo...

Student Exchange Programs Beneficial for All Parties

Leila Garrett, Business Manager

April 5, 2019

   Student exchange programs have more to offer than just fawning over new kids with cool accents. Not only would a student exchange program provide UC High educational benefits, it would bring social and personal benefits as well, helping to expand students’ cultural knowled...

Tenure Means Teachers Remain, Regardless of Talent

Owen Megura, Staff Writer

April 5, 2019

   Teachers are essential for a student’s learning, future, and character. Therefore, why should a good teacher be transferred to another school due to their lack of tenure, while a bad teacher gets to stay?    The reas...

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