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Jillian, Kopkowski

Jillian “Kamikaze” Kopkowski is a Polish actress, singer, dancer, and writer, often seen dressed in colorful, flamboyant clothes. Jillian earned her nickname from her insane personality and undying passion for her beliefs. She is currently enrolled as a sophomore at University City High School and plans to major in theatrical studies or music at New Mexico State University. She enjoys immersing herself in alternate worlds of her own invention, singing in the shower, and writing poetry. Jillian has performed in musicals and high school theater classes, mainly playing a lead role. She has always loved to act and sing, but dancing caught her attention fairly recently. Her interest for tango dance was ignited by a multitude of videos on the internet portraying the fluid movements of the dancers. Shortly after her obsession with tango, she was selected  from a group of competitive, experienced actors in an audition to play the lead female role in a summer musical. Combining her musical, choreographic, and acting abilities, she did very well and continues to pursue a professional career in the field of music and theater. “If there’s one thing about life I’d have to say, it would be that if there’s any chance it might work, go for it!”

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