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Eisengart Says Goodbye to Good Friend Writer Matthew Michalek
On January twenty seventh, we will be losing a great writer. Not just a great writer, but a great man, a great brother, and a great friend. Matthew Michalek is being taken from us all too soon. Thriving in our journalism class for a mere six months, Matthew has touched all of us; either through his political standpoints in person, or through the language of news print. I remember fondly our first couple of weeks in journalism; we were like newborn babes, suckling at the teat of knowledge and struggling to figure out the layout of a proper news article. Scrambling desperately to find a halfway decent thing to report about. But as in all things we attempt, Matthew and I triumphed as Rome triumphed against Carthage in the second Punic War. Alas, death and taxes are the only certainties this world allows. And while Matthew is not taxes, he is also not dead. Yet few things in life are guaranteed, but I promise the legacy of Matthew “Matty J” Michalek will carry on through the spirit of the paper. And although he was five hundredths of a percent worse than I, the magnificent Jason Eisengart, he will remain five hundredths of a percent number one in our hearts. Farewell Matthew, and God bless you.
                                             In memory,
Matthew “Matty J, Macklickaclack, Mattjew, Michhalik, Matt-hue, Micaylik, Michael, Michael-Michaels” Michalek.

Jason Eisengart, Staff Writer

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