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Dorian Dreamed of Being Editor-n-Chief, and Now She Is
Dorian Uson is a third year Journalism student and one of this year's Editors-n-Chief, along with Sydney Patchett. She has always had a strong passion for writing and literature and was ecstatic when she joined journalism sophomore year. Back then, she had hopes of one day being Editor-n-Chief, and now here she is. Dorian loves working with other people in the class on writing and layout. She has come to love every part about putting the paper together.

Dorian is also on University City High School's Dance Team. She has been dancing since she was in sixth grade and has a huge passion for it. Dorian hopes to go to SDSU and join their dance team. She has not yet decided what she wants to major in, but whatever it is she hopes it pays well and makes her happy.

Dorian Uson, Editor-n-Chief

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