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Staff Writer Dillon Carr
Dillon Carr has been in Journalism for two years now. Dillon is an outdoorsman. He likes to spend time in the wilderness. Dillon’s absolutely dream job is to be a Marine Corps Infantryman. Dillon spends his off time either shooting in gun competitions, hiking, or hunting. He wants to do so many things in life and he doesn’t think there’s enough time to do it all. Dillon’s two favorite classes are JROTC and History. History just speaks to Dillon. He likes to know what has happened in the past. That’s why he likes old firearms. He holds them and just tries to imagine what the gun has been through. Where was it used. Iwo Jima, Normandy? That’s what fascinates Dillon. He can only imagine what it had been through. Dillon has also always been fascinated with the Military. That’s why JROTC is one of his favorite classes. His Father spent 25 years in the Navy. Four of those years on the ship USS Denver and twenty-one years in NSW with Special Boat Team 12. Dillon didn’t see his father very much of his younger life. Dillon was born I July of 2001. And when the Terrorist attacks happened in September, his dad was off in the Middle East. The presents of his father being scarce was hard on Dillon, but Dillon was always so proud of his father. That’s one reason Dillon wants to join the military. His father made him so proud now he wants to make his father proud doing the same thing.

Dillon Carr, Staff Writer

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