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2016-2017 Staff

Dorian Uson


Dorian Uson is a third year Journalism student and one of this year's Editors-n-Chief, along with Sydney Patchett. She has always had a strong passion for writing and literature and was ecstatic when she joined journalism sophomore...

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Debi Rahmanan

Staff Writer

Senior Debi Rahmanan is finishing high school off right by writing and taking photos for The Commander at UC High. During her free time she enjoys shopping all over San Diego for used and vintage clothes to add to her already...

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Jessica Almario

News Editor

Senior Jessica Almario is a News Editor for UC High’s The Commander. She first took Journalism as a tiny, timid little freshman. After a two year break, she is back! At first glance, she may seem reserved, but as she opens up, h...

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Inigo Miquel

Staff Writer

Inigo is first year  Staff Writer with the UC High Commander. Inigo really enjoys writing and playing video games. His hobbies include playing the ukulele and running. He has taken part in multiple academic events including science...

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Jason Eisengart

Staff Writer

On January twenty seventh, we will be losing a great writer. Not just a great writer, but a great man, a great brother, and a great friend. Matthew Michalek is being taken from us all too soon. Thriving in our journalism class fo...

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Emma Conrad

News Editor

   Emma Conrad is currently a junior at UC High and this is her first year with the Commander. Since she was little she has loved writing, however due to a busy schedule she could never find the time until now to join the Comm...

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Jenna Harper

Staff Writer

This is Freshman Jenna Harper’s first year writing for The Commander. She plays water polo and is also a swimmer. She likes to write, paint, and take pictures. She wants to attend UCSD, and become a journalist, traveling the world...

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Victoria Aguilar


Victoria Aguilar is a freshman and the 2016-2017 Commander artist. Victoria came to UC from Knox Middle School. This is her first year in Journalism. Some of her hobbies include, drawing, painting, and eating. When she's older sh...

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Erin Ngueyn

Staff Writer

This year is Sophomore Erin Nguyen's first year writing and participating in The Commander. She is very excited to write and work with all the other staff members! She enjoys going on adventures and doing fun and spontaneous things!...

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Matthew Michalek

Staff Writer

Matthew Michalek, a senior, and first year journalism student is excited to be a staff writer for the Commander. He took this class to improve his writing skills and intends on writing many opinion pieces. Outside of Journalism,...

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Julia Murphy

Staff Writer

Senior Julia Murphy has just started her first year in Journalism. She absolutely loves writing, reading, and meeting new people which makes her a great addition to the Journalism crew. Not only does she excel in school but al...

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Julie Whitehill


Julie Whitehill is a freshman on the newspaper staff and has always been interested in reading and literature. She spends her free time surfing, playing volleyball for the freshman team, and golfing. Julie also looks up to NFL spor...

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Mina Orlic

Staff Writer

As a freshman, Mina Orlic is excited to start her first year writing for The Commander. She has always enjoyed reading and writing and is thrilled to learn the ins and outs of journalism. She enjoys all aspects of sports and sh...

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Valeria Juarez

Staff Writer

Valeria Juarez was born in Mexico. She's a very silly and cute person, she loves hanging out with her friends and eating candy. She likes playing soccer at the park with her friends as well as going camping. She also loves going...

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Kees Van Daelen

Business Manager

Senior Kees van Daelen, a staff writer, is a first year journalism student. Kees is very excited to play a role in writing the Commander this year. He chose journalism to expand his horizons and to become a better all around wr...

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Antonia Le

Opinions Editor

Antonia Le is currently a junior at UC High. Though this is her first year of writing for journalism and she is working as Opinions Editor. She has loved writing since she was a little kid. Since then, her passion has grown and...

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Kayli Sandoval

Sports Editor

This year marks Kayli’s second year in Journalism. She is a Sophomore at UC High and this years’ sports editor for The Commander along with Micahrae Osteria. She desires to become a future sports journalist/ broadcaster coming out of her d...

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Jessica Almario

News Editor

   Senior Jessica Almario is a News Editor for UC High’s The Commander. She first took Journalism as a tiny, timid little freshman. After a two year break, she is back! At first glance, she may seem reserved, but as she opens...

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Sydney Patchett


Sydney Patchett is a first year Journalism student, working as Co-Editor-in-Chief with Dorian this 2016-2017 school year. She interned with last years paper in May, and displayed immediate commitment to the paper by accepting...

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Kaliah Felcher

Opinions Editor

Kaliah Felcher is one of two Opinions Editors for The Commander, which is lucky because she is very opinionated. She's never too far away from a good book. She gasps loudly, speaks loudly, lives loudly, and is generally unapologetic...

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Kaylee Williams

Features Editor

Kaylee Williams is a Features Editor of the 2016-2017 school year. She is a senior at University City High School and is looking forward to going to college next year. She, admittedly, is kind of in her own little world made...

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Stephanie Carreto

Staff Writer

Stephanie Carreto is currently a junior at University City High School. It is her first year writing and doing art for The Commander. Being her first year writing for The Commander, she did not know what to expect, but she ha...

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Jamielyn Cruz

Staff Writer

Jaimelyn Cruz is a first year staff writer for The Commander. As a junior, she is looking forward to being apart of the school newspaper and she hopes that it will help her become a better writer. She is so far most interested...

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