Amos Admirable, Positive Athlete

Judy Scott, Sports Editor

Working her way up from defense to offense in field hockey, being a starting player her first year on the Varsity Lacrosse Team, and bringing an infectious, lovable personality wherever she goes, Senior Jenna Amos’ remarkable qualities both in and out of the game make her the undeniable Female Athlete of the Year.

   Over her years at UC High, she has played three sports: “I played varsity field hockey for four years. I also played soccer my first two years of high school and then lacrosse this year,” said Amos. 

  In her senior year, Amos decided to join the Girls Lacrosse Team. She said, “Honestly, I just love having a sport to play. Last field hockey season we had a new assistant coach, Coach Lizzy, who is the lacrosse head coach, so she encouraged me to try out. It was definitely a shock at first, because the sport is so different from soccer and field hockey, but now I love it and I love my team so much.” 

   In her first year on the Varsity Lacrosse Team, Amos was a starting player in every game, taking on one of the most difficult positions as a low defender. Varsity Lacrosse Assistant and Defensive Coach Amanda Khouzouri said, “Her improvement in such a short time has been remarkable. Jenna has become our strongest defender in a one on one situation. The way Jenna catches and passes, you would think she had played the sport for years.”

   Varsity Field Hockey Head Coach Amber Zimmermann said, “I have coached Jenna since she was in sixth grade. She quickly excelled at field hockey and was a natural athlete! Her skills and confidence on the field have grown over the years, but she was a leader even as a middle schooler.”

   Senior Sam Sobka said, “I have been playing sports with Jenna since middle school. From being little sixth graders playing soccer, to high school seniors winning CIFs, it has been amazing to watch her grow into the incredible student-athlete she is today.” 

   One of Amos’ most admirable traits is her positivity. Sobka added, “She has such a positive attitude, and is always able to make me laugh or put a smile on my face. She is a great teammate, and is always super uplifting, even in tough games.”  

  Zimmermann said, “She started on varsity as a freshman and immediately commanded the field with her communication and leadership skills. She is the type of player that lifts those around her up and helps the team connect as a whole.” She added, “I enjoy her positive energy, competitive nature, and truly remarkable stick skills and field sense. She is always looking to be the best she can be and it is an honor to have the opportunity to coach athletes like her.”

     “I most admire her drive to be the best. She is an incredibly hard worker, both on and off the field, and if she puts her mind to something, she gets it done. She is an incredible athlete, and has worked so hard to get to where she is,” said Sobka. “Her athleticism is clear to us coaches and her teammates. She sees everything as a challenge and an opportunity,”added Khouzouri.

   Academically, Amos is top of her class, ranked fifth with a GPA of 4.81. “I like to challenge  myself with harder classes like APs and college courses. I’ve also been in the BioMed pathway all four years so that has been a great way to learn about my interests in the field,” said Amos. 

   Amos is also president of UC High’s Ultimate Frisbee Club. She said, “Two of my friends and I, [Seniors] Jenna Settelmayer and Ava Tomayko, have been running this club since our junior year.We have hosted tournaments and we have practice every Sunday at four p.m.!”

 Amos recalled one of her favorite sports memories: “It has to be winning CIFs this past season for field hockey. There is just no better feeling than celebrating a huge, hard-fought win with your team. It was the best way to end my senior season!”

   In the fall, Amos will be attending the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she will be studying molecular biology.