Lawrence Leads Team to Victory

Hope Shaw, Features Editor

   Taking on the role of a leader in itself is difficult, but Senior LaDainian Lawrence has managed to accomplish this feat both on and off the field.

   Although LaDainian Lawrence has made his fair share of jaw-dropping passes and unbelievable touchdowns, football fans don’t see all the work that goes on behind the scenes. LaDainian Lawrence first joined the team last year, and immediately proved his dedication to the game.

   “After a practice or two, I just knew he was a hard worker,” explained Varsity Football Coach Paul Lawrence. “His commitment, his dedication, we all know he’s going to bring his A-game to every practice.” While being committed and determined during a game may be easy, it’s the fact that every practice, no matter what, LaDainian Lawrence puts in the work. That’s what makes a good player.

    While many may focus on the few underclassmen who managed to make varsity, they sometimes fail to recognize the years of focused work put in by seniors on the team like LaDainian. Paul Lawrence spoke about how most people don’t give credit to all the hard work put in by the upperclassmen of  University City High’s Football Team. “To me I have to look at the upperclassmen because of the work they put in,” said Paul Lawrence. “Y’know sometimes they don’t show the numbers on the field, but I feel like they put in the most work and time.”

   “Football taught me how to go against adversity,” explained LaDainian Lawrence. “My favorite game we played was probably Bishops. It was very competitive. I felt like I made a good contribution to the game.”

  As both a running back and linebacker, LaDainian Lawrence plays some of the most difficult positions there are on defense. His job is to receive hand-offs from the quarterback, block, and catch passes out in the backfield.  “Football’s definitely helped me grow more,” he explained.

    Along with LaDainian Lawrence’s dedication and leadership, he also manages to be unselfish. “He always puts the team before himself and is really an encouraging presence when things go wrong or if we’re not playing well. He also loves his teammates a lot,” said Senior Terry Donati, one of LaDanian Lawrence’s teammates.

   “Pretty much every day before practice we talk to each other and basically make sure we’re both good and in a good headspace.” While football is a highly physical sport, many fail to recognize the mental aspect. The motivation one has to have, dealing with losing a game. Thankfully University City High’s wins come often and by far.

   “He’s a guy that leads by example and also sometimes by voice,” said Paul Lawrence. According to Paul Lawrence, when LaDainian Lawrence first joined the team, he didn’t use his voice often, but over the years he’s grown into an excellent leader. LaDainian Lawrence, an excellent leader and team-player, who wears his jersey, number twenty-one, with pride.