UC Track and Field Works on Personal and Team Goals

Jane Ballard, Staff Writer

     The UC High Varsity Track and Field Team hopes to make it into the postseason meets by working hard to enhance their skills and stamina.

   “Unlike many sports, track is almost purely mental. Of course how hard you train and your racing strategies and so on are important. But in the end, a good or bad race is determined by whether or not you can push through the pain all the way to the finish,” stated Junior Patric Berard.

   “Our team is very close, and I think that we encourage each other to do our best and always push ourselves. We are all very competitive so it raises the stakes during workouts and meets,” said Junior Cooper Talbott.

  Even if you have regrets about something you may have done in a race, it’s important to just brush it off and do it better in the next race. “In every race, good or bad, it’s easy to look back and find something you could have fixed. It’s a whole lot harder to actually make that change. In one of my best races, I feel like I slowed down in the last 100, though in the moment it was a difficult move to make,” explained Berard.

   “The Boys Team as a whole have not been doing very well,” commented Talbott. Although the Boys Team is not doing their best as of now, the Girls Team is doing great.  “The girls side of track has been doing amazing. We are League Champs this year and finally beat Cathedral after seven years of not being able to beat them,” said Freshman Kilee Horner.

   “I think the distance team could definitely use more runners, as it seems a bit like we have a shortage of runners in the 800 and 3200,” said Berard. “I’d say that we can improve on some goofing off. It’s important to have fun, but there comes a time when we have to focus and really put in some work,” said Horner.

    “Our team has done really well with getting the workouts done that our coach asks us to. We all succeed and tough practices make us all better, and help make our team stronger and faster as a whole,” stated Horner.“Track and running in general requires a huge amount of dedication. It’s what you have to do to be super good. There’s really no  room to slack off which is what makes the sport a huge part of your life,” explained Talbott.

   Although the team is working for the same thing, they all have their own personal goals as well. “This season my goal is to get as close to a two-minute 800-meter time,” stated Berard. “I spent most of my freshman and sophomore years focusing on the 1600 and 3200, and only this year have I realized how much I love 800,” said Berard.

   “The race against Mira Mesa and Scripps Ranch was by far the most intense race I’ve ever been in,” said Berard. “So far the most memorable run for me was at Scripps Ranch High against Alyssa Salatzar. She’s a senior and we have been fighting for the number one title in the league all season. When we went to her school it just felt really good to beat her as a freshman and know that I secured my spot as number one,” said Horner.

   “We lack in numbers when it comes to varsity athletes. So I think that once we get a couple more JV kids to start training like varsity athletes, we will have enough people who are really going to make a difference next year,” explained Talbott.

“It’s important to have fun, but there comes a time when we have to focus and really put in some work.” ”

— Freshman Kilee Horner