Girls Tennis Team Prepares for 2017-18 Season

Audrey Hancock, Staff Writer

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   UC High’s Girls Tennis Team is pumped for their next season, and are “only taking churros — no donuts!” They’re in it to win it, and losing is not an option for these motivated girls.

   Sophomore Izzy Wade said, “Last season we accomplished many goals and were able to get new players on the JV and Varsity Teams. New players helped a lot because our team expanded and everyone got closer to each other as a family.”

   As they jump into the new year with a clean slate, the girls are excited and ready for anything. “2017 looks good so far, and all of us are in training. Most of us are physically fit this year,” said Junior Sabrina Nguyen.

   Tennis Coach Joey Briese said, “Our team improvement and our announcement of the summer workout leads up to the beginning of the new school year and our new teams for the 2017-2018 school year. Our training will begin with our open summer workout days. These workouts are open to the public.”

   The team is planning to progress from the lessons learned from the last season and expand on improving themselves as a whole. “We hope to have more practice and get even more girls out to hit. We also really want to beat some of the schools that we came close to last year too, so that we can get into a higher division. We also want to challenge ourselves to do more hitting with higher level schools and teams,” Wade explained.

   Girl’s tryouts will kick off on August 7 at 4 p.m. and will last until 7 p.m. every day until August 18. These two weeks will help decide who will be on the JV and Varsity Teams.

   Junior Salma Iraqi explained that tennis is hard because it requires an intense amount of endurance since it’s a mental game that has to do with lots of thinking in a short period of time. “When we lose individually or as a team, we always think back to what we did wrong and work on it during practice in order to improve. Losing is always part of our learning process to excel at our game,” Iraqi added.

   When it comes to being off the court, UC High’s Tennis Team is lucky to have such great chemistry amoungst each other. Iraqi said, “We work together even out of season and have so much fun by having bonfires or sushi bonding.” Junior Renee Perry said, “I like how we all bond as a team and how we still cheer someone on whether they are losing or not.”

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