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Coach of the Year: Krista Jackson Committed and Dedicated

Kayli Sandoval, Sports Editor

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   Some people may not know the huge impact that a coach can have. For any sport, that one individual running the team can really influence the way a player sees and feels about the game. Coach Krista Jackson recently concluded her last year of coaching both lacrosse and field hockey here at UC High. Anyone would agree how lucky we were to have her for the years she took charge of both sports.

   Athletic Director Brian Josten explained, “Coach Krista Jackson took on the head coaching responsibilities for girls lacrosse when we were not able to find a coach for the team. She made this decision even though she did not have any experience in lacrosse. That is the kind of person and coach that Jackson is; she’s unselfish, hard-working, well-respected, and very dependable.”

   Although it was Jackson’s first time ever coaching and dealing with lacrosse, she had the help of two other experienced coaches and did her research to make sure the program had a fine foundation to build upon. Junior Lacrosse Player Sarah Goldstein said, “Playing a new sport is intimidating but she made the whole process so fun. What was super cool was that it was a new sport to everyone, so we all learned together.”

   Before stepping up to take on the position of head coach for UC High’s first Girls Lacrosse Team, Jackson coached a total of four years of field hockey here at UC High. Jackson actually began playing field hockey as a freshman at UC High, later being recruited to play for Davidson College to continue her field hockey career. After coming back to San Diego, UC High was looking for a JV field hockey coach and she knew that she couldn’t turn the offer down. Jackson took on two years as JV coach for field hockey, later being promoted to head coach for two more years, and then being assisted with one of her best friends, Amber Zimmermann.

   Co-Coach Amber Zimmermann said, “Krista runs practices in a way to challenge the athletes, but still keep it fun. She has a vision of what needs to improve and how we can best execute a drill to provide that improvement. Krista brings out the best in each player in their unique way, which is rewarding to watch. Krista’s love and passion for the sport is evident in her coaching style.”

    Different types of coaching styles can really make a difference with players. When two coaches are able to perfectly balance each other out and are very compatible, it makes playing the sport and attending practice everyday something to look forward to. Jackson and Zimmermann were always able to perfectly execute this type of environment.

   Jackson explained, “One of my biggest goals as a coach is to push players to realize their full potential. I see so much potential in our players, but that doesn’t mean anything if the girls don’t believe it for themselves. By challenging them both mentally and physically, we push our girls to exceed the limits they set for themselves and prove what they can accomplish with hard work and team support.”

   Freshman Field Hockey Player Mica Giaconi said, “She’s really supportive on and off the field and she’s set a really safe and comfortable environment. She made it feel like no matter your skill level, you feel like you fit into the team.”

   “Words cannot describe how much I will miss coaching with Krista. I know this move for her is the best decision for her future and it allows field hockey to grow as a sport in our area. It is bittersweet to see her leave, but I look forward to watching her excel in her new role and to continue working with her in the offseason,” Zimmermann concluded.

   Jackson is still in touch with her players from UC High and is currently coaching some of them for the Hot Stix Field Hockey Club. She will luckily be passing on the head coach position to Zimmermann, who will undoubtedly hold the team together and exceed their expectations, hopefully winning another league title and maybe even a CIF championship. Krista left a huge impact on many players’ hearts and will continue doing the same for others, spreading her field hockey knowledge, no matter which high school, or which club team she coaches for.

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Coach of the Year: Krista Jackson Committed and Dedicated