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Boys Tennis Serves Up a Great Season and Racks Up Points

Erin Nguyen, Staff Writer

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   As many new players joined the UC High Boys Tennis Team this year, they are looking at a decent and pretty successful season to come. Varsity Doubles Player Charlie Openshaw said, “I love tennis so much; my love for tennis is stronger than anything in the world.” A lot of the boys obviously have a very strong passion for tennis. Not only do they love playing the sport, they also play passionately and love what they’re doing.

   Since many new players have joined the team, the sport has become a lot more fun for the players. “I enjoy tennis, because it is a very fun game to play with my friends,” added Senior John Hendricks.

   Although some people may think of tennis as an easy sport, the players think it is very challenging, and they believe that people should really start playing before claiming the sport is easy. Junior Tennis Captain Clay Adams explained, “I think tennis is a difficult and hard sport. You have to think and be smart, because it’s a very psychological game.” Thinking strategically is important while playing tennis, because you have to know how to control the ball and make sure that when hitting it, it lands in bounds.

   Sophomore Tyler Mitchell said, “When first starting any sport it can be difficult. Once I kept practicing and practicing, it got a lot easier. The hardest thing for me is keeping and hitting the ball in bounds and being consistent.”

   Tennis takes a lot of patience, skill, and a lot of practice. “Coach does a good job of helping us and preparing us for our matches. He is super nice and encouraging, and he also gives us hard practices so that we will have better skills while playing,” explained Senior Alex Bruce. “I think tennis can be hard at times, because I’m new to the sport, but coach is very patient in helping me and the other players.” Of course to get good at something it takes a lot of practice, but with the help of Coach Joey Briese, the boys have it covered.

   Being on a team sport means having to work together, so everyone must contribute and participate. Clay Adams explained, “The team environment is good. In my opinion, it’s been a lot better of a season and a team this year than it was last year. I think that this year has been better, because more people joined, and we all just connect and have a better relationship.”

   The Tennis Team is looking forward to the rest of the season and hopefully winning many of their matches. Nonetheless, they are all just hoping for a fun and friendly season; so far, it’s looking pretty good.

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Boys Tennis Serves Up a Great Season and Racks Up Points