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UC High Golf Team Garner Passion and Focus this Season

Micahrae Osteria, Sports Editor

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   The inhale of crisp air and the sight of slopes of green is a view that every golf player should be familiar with, and our very own UC High Golf Team are no strangers to this at all. Despite there being only seven people on the team, they still have the ability to take control of a course of roughly 6,800 yards..

   According to an informational website about golf, golf is a “…precision club-and-ball sport, in which competing players (golfers), using many types of clubs, attempt to hit balls into each hole on a golf course while employing the fewest number of strokes” ( Each golf course takes on a different design, and usually consists of either nine or eighteen holes. Golf is one of a few ball games that do not require a standardized playing area.

   Playing golf as a group is a big team effort, and demands the very best from each player. “We get in groups of two and then play a group of two from the other team, so it is four people in one competing group, and we play nine holes. It’s three groups of four that go off to play, and we just add the top five scores at the end of the match and whoever has the lowest score wins,” said Senior Sean Nguyen.

   Despite that golf may seem more time consuming than other sports, the passion and focus that goes into playing is just as important as it would be in any other sport. Each player on the team focuses on different aspects but, in the end, it helps them bring in a successful win. “[When playing golf, it’s important to focus on] having fun and not getting frustrated if you’re playing badly,” said Nguyen. “For me, it’s important to focus on keeping my eye on the ball so I don’t pull my head and cause the ball to go wild,” said Junior Justin Anderson.

   Playing golf on a team and individually has both its advantages and its disadvantage. Some players view it as positive when playing on as a team. “On a team. you have a lot of people who want you to get better and improve your skills, but alone you just kind of work by yourself,” said Anderson.

   Just because golf  looks like a rather slow-paced sport, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take skill. “When you’re doing well, it can be a very fun sport, but when you’re doing poorly, it can get frustrating,” said Anderson. “I think you definitely have to be able to control your emotions and not let it get to you,” he continued.

   There are always going to be misconceptions with any given sport, and golf has its own share of stereotypes or misrepresentations as well. “A common misconception for golf is that golf is unmasculine and that it’s boring but it’s actually really fun,” said Nguyen. “Golf looks easy, but it’s definitely a lot harder than it looks,” said Anderson.

   “My favorite thing about playing golf is getting a good shot, close to the hole,” said Anderson. “I’ve gained good focus and control,” he continued. “My favorite thing about playing golf is just playing with friends. Playing together just makes you want to keep playing,” said Nguyen. “The best thing about golf is that every hole is a chance to make your best score,” said Junior Cole Doolittle. Fun and satisfying, golf is a sport to celebrate.

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UC High Golf Team Garner Passion and Focus this Season