Softball Star Silva’s Season Swings

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Softball Star Silva’s Season Swings

Mina Orlic, Staff Writer

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  Senior Center Fielder Erika Silva was introduced to the sport of hits, runs, and outs at a very young age. With her older sister acting as inspiration, at only three years old, an age at which most of us were playing with toy cars and dolls, Silva was learning the mechanics of softball. With both her sisters playing in high school ball and travel ball (teams that travel every weekend to different tournaments), and her dad coaching club teams, it’s safe to say that softball runs in the family.

  While she enjoys all aspects of the game, nothing beats the feeling she gets when she accomplishes something great. “I like the feeling of making a satisfying play and having a good hit,” stated Silva.

 Not only is Silva a four-year starter and an exceptional player, she is also this year’s Varsity Team captain. So far, Silva has done a wonderful job managing the team and inspiring each of her teammates to play the best they can. “I have seen her mature as a player and team leader to the level that her teammates started acknowledging her as a team leader before my announcement. The players treated her as captain long before she got the title — and I think she deserves the role of captain because of her hard work, discipline, and desire to succeed,” stated Varsity Coach Michael Roberts.

  Sophomore Second Baseman Kiana Pangelinan stated, “She inspires me because she isn’t the biggest person, but she plays with a big heart.” Junior Pitcher Natalie Minteer added, “Erika’s very on top of what she’s supposed to do for her job as captain and she’s very organized.”  

 “I think it’s important for a captain to take leadership and to just make sure that everyone is having fun while playing the sport,” added Silva. It’s this type of approach that has helped her lead her team to success.

  Silva agreed that there are many important qualities that make up a team, but one that especially stands out is team chemistry. Silva said, “You have to have a good bond. You have to be able to bond with your teammates, otherwise you guys won’t be able to play to your full potential.”

  We can expect Silva to take the three new freshmen on varsity under her wing and help them develop the chemistry that she and some of the other players already have as a result of playing together in previous years. “She’s really supportive and she tries to get us involved in conversations and group activities,” explained Freshman Right Fielder Alexis Engebretson.

    Roberts added, “She encourages all the players, especially our new players. She never gets down during the game and helps to keep the team motivated and focused no matter what the score is.”

   In the high school offseason, Silva keeps her skills sharp by playing club softball for the San Diego Breakers, from San Marcos. There she continues to learn many life lessons through softball, including the importance of discipline, commitment, hard-work, perseverance, and the value of teamwork.

  Though she likes playing for her school and club, Silva is excited to pursue her softball career outside of high school, and plans to play for Northwest Tech College.

   Whether Silva is playing for UC High, the Breakers, or elsewhere, she works hard to improve her game, achieve her goals, and become the best teammate possible.

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