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New Girls Lacrosse Team Learning the Fundamentals

Audrey Hancock, Staff Writer

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Support the first Girls Lacrosse Team in history at UC High this upcoming season! These motivated girls are ready to face other schools such as Mira Mesa High, OLP [Our Lady of Peace] High, Mission Bay High, and South West High. “Achieving our goals will unite everyone as a team later in the season,” said Sophomore Marla Giordano.

  Captain Salma Iraqi said, “My goals for the season are to improve as a team in skills and develop new tactics to beat other teams. I believe that we have good potential and that we can win league in future seasons.”

  Iraqi added, “Some of the girls and I created a club and tried very hard to make an official team at UC High, but we didn’t have enough money since at that time girls lacrosse was not funded. Despite that, I love the fact that both Krista [Jackson] and [Brian] Josten stepped up to coach a new team. They are both new to this sport yet were still willing to put some time in and learn about it in order to coach us. All the girls and I are very appreciative of their actions.”

  Giordano shared her ideas and hopes for the team’s future: “I hope that we progress a lot this season. After all, we are the first Girls Lacrosse Team in UC history.”

  Captain Mikayla Garcia said, “I love being captain with Salma. She’s a great leader and is really good at motivating the team.” Iraqi commented, “I like the fact that we work together easily and are able to agree on plans. We also both give ideas about bonding or planning and it’s really fun.”

   “I think the team’s strengths on the field will showcase how well we improve as a team. We haven’t been playing long together, and I think that we have gotten a lot better since we started,” added Garcia.

  Iraqi said, “So far, what I like about lacrosse is how we are all learning together since we are all new to this sport, and the fact that we’re working together to improve ourselves.” As frustrating as it can be, starting a new sport and figuring out the fundamentals can be quite tricky, but they’re off to a great start and learning many experiences for a first-year team.

  Junior Sarah Pickering said, “I really enjoy how fast paced this game is and how many tricks you can do while sprinting down the field cradling the ball.” She added, “I joined lacrosse to stay active and help establish the new team. The coaches stay dedicated to the sport even though the challenges of having a brand new program are overwhelming.”

  Giordano said, “I can talk to Coach Krista and Coach Josten about anything. Coach Krista is just an overall great coach, whether she knows the sport or not. If you don’t understand something, she will break it down for you until you get it.” Giordano isn’t the only one who admires the coaches’ support for the team. Junior Nicole Jakiel commented, “I think everything the coaches are doing is great. They are also pretty new to the sport, so it’s just really cool how much they care about starting the sport even though they’re learning it at the same time.”

  The UC High Girls Lacrosse Team isn’t just looking for wins this season but an overall fun start to their new sport. As the girls move on this season, they’re also looking forward to future seasons the team will have.

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New Girls Lacrosse Team Learning the Fundamentals