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Crowd During a Successful Season

Mina Orlic, Staff Writer

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   It’s that time of year when the cheerleaders take their talents indoors to cheer for the Boys Basketball Team. What many people fail to realize is that with the change in sports and location, there is also a change in routine for the Cheerleading Team as well.
   Senior Alessandra Bressan said, “Football comes with a way bigger crowd. You have to do a lot more as a cheerleader to pump everybody up. When it comes to basketball, the game is more exciting to watch and we get to sit down too, instead of standing for hours, which is always good.”
   “When cheering for football, you’re separated from the crowd and you don’t really feel that connection of being a part of the student section. Compared to basketball, where we sit directly next to the crowd and the basketball players are so close that you feel more of an interaction,” added Captain Bibi Cardenas.
   “The cheers are different for football and basketball season, but a lot of the stunts are the same or modified due to the restrictions of stunting on the hardwood floors verses the track at football games,” Coach Mark Keller stated. There are stipulations as to what you can and cannot do stunt-wise in the gym. “Stunts are easier outdoors because there are less safety hazards that we have to worry about. For example, the ceiling isn’t high enough for baskets [a cheerleading stunt that requires high elevation for the stunt to be executed],” Bressan added.
   Keller explained, “The transition between football and basketball season is very quick, considering the two holidays of Thanksgiving week off and the two weeks of winter break off. The team focuses their attention on learning the basketball cheers, fundraising and team building activities. We begin cheering for the boys and girls basketball teams when they start their league games, which this year started on January 3.”
Both Cardenas and Bressan find it more enjoyable to cheer for the Basketball Team than the Football Team. “I prefer basketball because it’s a lot less stressful in my opinion. The cheers are more fun in basketball too, whereas the football cheers are a bit more tricky,” said Bressan.
   In previous years, the UC High cheerleaders have cheered for both home and away games. However this year, because the Boys Basketball Team was switched into a new league, they only cheer for home games as a way to even out the number of games they cheer for both the boys and the girls teams.
   “This year the girls and boys no longer travel together, so we have to even out cheering for the teams by only cheering at home games,” added Cardenas.

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Crowd During a Successful Season