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Democratic Party Lacks the Unity to Win 2020 Election

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Democratic Party Lacks the Unity to Win 2020 Election

artwork by: Avalon Owens

artwork by: Avalon Owens

artwork by: Avalon Owens

Shauna Whitney, Photo Editor

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   As we near the 2020 presidential election, pressures rise for the American people while dozens of new-age Democratic candidates flow in with very leftist ideals that could potentially cost them the election.

   Many of the candidates entering the race show an inspiring drive to build their campaign. AP Government Teacher Michelle Fournier expressed, “…there are elements that all the candidates are running on that are valuable as Democratic ideals.” However, there are flaws in the increasingly liberal platforms most candidates are running on. The Atlantic explained that in this time of great partisan discord, the Democratic party lacks the unity it needs to fuel itself through the impending months before the November election (

   Despite all the drama and scandals tied to the current president, he is still seen carrying a strong group of supporters. There needs to be a candidate who can put 2016 in the past and can work towards actually beating Trump. Sanders and Biden both have a strong following and good ideas for the country; however, as Fournier puts it, “I think it’s time to move past the 2016 election and the Obama administration and figure out what the Democratic Party really stands for.”

   It’s true that it’s time to act and start moving towards bettering the country; however, the larger subject at hand should be to keep President Trump out of office in the year 2020, at all costs. The Democratic Party is experiencing a change, but it’s important they work together to define these changes and remain unified.

      Yes, America needs to address the issues of climate change and the tax cuts Trump has implemented, as well as find a healthcare system that works for us. But Democrats can’t bring these radical proposals, such as the Green New Deal and Medicare For All, and potentially scare off the swing voters who have been debating whether they should lean more toward the left in the upcoming election (

   Politics only work in Democrats’ favor if they remain bipartisan. According to NBC News, although they may not agree with the opinions of others, it’s important to exercise the practice of compromise. They must work with the other party on what they agree on in order to achieve any consensus on policies on the agenda (

   Overall, the country needs a Democratic candidate who can relate to both the moderates and the liberals in order to win the 2020 election. The Democratic Party needs to unite against President Trump and do everything they can to keep him out of office.

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Democratic Party Lacks the Unity to Win 2020 Election