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North Korea Dangerous Nuclear Superpower, Not Joke

Vicky Aguilar

Colin Grubensky, Staff Writer

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  For the past few years, North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong Un, have been considered a source of entertainment for most of the American population. However, in light of new material from sources directly connected to the North Korean government, it’s time that we start taking the East Asian dictatorship and its power-hungry leader seriously.  

  Thae Yong Ho, a former member of  the North Korean Embassy to Britain, recently escaped the dictatorship with his wife and children and has been interviewed extensively by multiple American news agencies. As the first high-level defector from North Korea in recent years, he brings forth frightening information regarding the state of the country. “As long as Kim Jong Un is in power, there’ll be no chance for the world to improve the human rights issue… or cancel the nuclear program,” said Thae in an interview with CNN (  

  Thae also claims that the North Korean leader will refuse to give up his nuclear weapons after seeing the fates of other dictators, such as Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, who chose to relinquish their arsenals and was subsequently hunted down by the United States.  However, Thae also said that Kim would be willing to meet with President Trump — a novel idea since “…even Chinese President Xi Jinping and even Russian President Putin — they haven’t even met Kim Jong Un,” according to a reporter on CNN (  

  While this may seem like a step in the right direction, with possible progress stemming from a meeting of leaders from prominent countries, such a meeting would have a dangerous side-effect. If President Trump agrees to meet with Kim Jong Un, he validates Kim’s place as the leader of his country in a way that has not yet occurred.  At the moment, Kim has no true validation from the world or his own people, and it is something he desperately needs to become recognized.

  Kim Jong Un has been shown to be an unpredictable and dangerous man time and time again, from his repeated and unsanctioned nuclear tests to his executions of high level government officials, including members of his own family. According to Thae’s interview with NBC, Kim is “desperate in maintaining his rule” and is clearly willing to do anything to protect his power (  

  Some people pretend that even if the missiles do come flying in, San Diego will come off unscathed. However, according to Thae, Kim Jong Un would fire a suicidal nuclear salvo at Los Angeles if his rule was threatened” , and with its proximity to Los Angeles, San Diego could easily get caught in the crossfire (

  “We shouldn’t be scared of North Korea, but we should be wary of them, because we don’t know what they’re capable of,” said Junior Malachi Sanders.

  We as a country cannot ignore Kim Jong Un’s power any longer. With his nuclear capabilities and ruthless pursuit of worldly recognition, we need to stop seeing the young and often entertaining man we see on the Internet and start seeing a dictator of a nuclear-capable country that has both the interest in and power to assault the western world in a significant and lethal way.  It’s time to start taking North Korea seriously.


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North Korea Dangerous Nuclear Superpower, Not Joke