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Clinton is the Clear Choice

Audrey Hancock, Editor

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   Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is destined for greatness as the first female President of the United States, not only due to her years of experience, but also her progressive ideology to model our government after socialist-democratic European countries. Current polls have Clinton as a slight favorite to win the presidential race against her rival Republican Candidate Donald Trump.

Clinton has had several important roles in our government that have trained her for the position of Commander-n-Chief. These including but not limited to: First Lady, a New York Senator and Secretary of State. She has diplomatic ties that allow her to communicate with other world trade superpowers from her experience as Secretary of State, and economic know-how from her practices with the Clinton Foundation.  “A majority of business economists in a new survey said Clinton is the best choice to oversee the United States economy as president. Her republican rival Donald Trump didn’t even come in second,” according to a website about Clinton’s speeches (

  The Clinton Foundation is a non-profit operating organization that accepts donations from domestic and foreign donors to carry out matters on improving world health, increasing opportunity for women, economic development, and reducing climate change. It was formed by the Clinton family in 2001 after Bill Clinton’s presidency to bring together government, social, and economic groups for the greater good. “Raising large sums for charity that save the lives of poor children sounds like a pretty reasonable, virtuous course of action. The Clinton Foundation is, by all accounts, a big force for good in the world,” according to the New York Times (

The best way to judge a candidate is to look at what he or she has actually done, and what principles of action he or she is proposing throughout his or her life. When she was an attorney, she could have gone to work for a large firm, but instead she fought for women’s and children’s rights going door to door to get handicapped children access to education. “CDF is pleased to recognize Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has been a tireless voice for children. She’s brilliant. She cares deeply about children. She perseveres. She’s an incredibly hard worker, and she stays with it. She’s done extraordinarily well in everything she’s ever done. and I’m just so proud of her,” said Activist Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children’s Defense Fund,” according to the Children’s Defense Club (

 Trump gloats about his masses of wealth, but claims he does not pay taxes. By this, he means that he is not paying for education, military, our police and firemen, parks/playgrounds, and many other components necessary for “making America great.” Trump has claimed bankruptcy three times, yet  ironically, the taxes he claims not to pay fix this detrimental financial state. “If Trump were truly smart — and wanted to lead by example — he would have disclosed his tax returns, showed the loopholes he used, and vowed to close them,” according to a news article on Trump’s tax returns (thewashingtonpost).

“Clinton favors investment in renewable energy as a means to address climate change; Trump does not,” according to a website that explores Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy ( Climate change is important and needs to be recognized to preserve our planet. Trump would do nothing to fix climate change, due to not believing in man-made climate change and global warming. In conclusion, Clinton is the best bet for this campaign. As a former secretary of state, U.S. senator, first lady, and a lifelong advocate for women and families, she understands America’s need for child-care, equal pay legislation and economic opportunities and many more things, and Trump doesn’t. There’s no reason why Clinton should not be our next president. She has proved she can take on tough fights and get things done.


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Clinton is the Clear Choice