Winter Formal Shoots for the Stars with SeaWorld Venue


Katelyn Timple//Commander

ASB members promote the “City of Stars” Winter Formal.

Ren Marchie, Staff Writer

   On February 11, UC High’s Associated Student Body (ASB) will be hosting a Winter Formal themed “City of Stars” at SeaWorld’s outdoor pavilion from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.

   According to ASB Advisor Samantha Cruz, students can expect more activities than in last year’s formal. “We are going to have the coaster and the arcade open for the whole three hours,” said Cruz. In addition, there will be a buffet, two photo booths, an inside venue, and a DJ.

   “We are trying to deliver where we didn’t last year,” said Cruz, as many students were vocal about their desire for more eating options and activities at the previous formal. As a result, Cruz said that ASB students are working to provide a formal experience with a variety of entertainment and food to keep the students satisfied.

   Cruz said, “The venue itself is really cool. It’s like an indoor and outdoor pavilion, which has a lot of built-in lighting already, so obviously, we are going to incorporate twinkly lights and sparkle lights.”

   Although the venue will not have large sit-down tables, attendees can gather at stand-up tables or, as Cruz explained it, belly bars, which will be decorated with little fairy lights in glass jars.

   “Homecoming is more of a small and fun school event while formal is, well, a formal event. It is a time to have a blast with your friends in a venue outside of school,” said Sophomore Zane Hutchins. Hutchins is excited to try new styles and go all out on his outfit for formal wear. “I would very much like to do drag when I’m older and even in school, and this is a good time for me to test the waters,” said Hutchins.

   For some, like Hutchins, formal dances provide the opportunity to dress up outside of their comfort zones. It allows them to try new styles in a festive environment. “Formal is one of the few opportunities high schoolers have besides Prom, Homecoming, and events outside of school to dress up nice and have a great time with their fellow Centurions,” said Hutchins.

   Senior Cadence Adams said she is excited yet sad about this formal, since it is her first and last one. During her freshman year, no formal event was organized and for her sophomore year, COVID-19 halted the planned event. “During my junior year, I had a winter percussion competition and I didn’t want to buy a ticket and risk not being able to make it,” said Adams.

   “I believe every student should experience at least one high school dance during their high school years,” said Adams.

   The SeaWorld location is one reason why Adams is excited about attending the event. “Formals are a big deal, because it is a part of living the full high school experience,” she said.