UC High Faith Club Stays Active During Quarantine

Jared Knobloch, News Editor

   During the COVID-19 pandemic, the UC High Faith Club has kept busy with activities to inspire their members while they are following the “stay at home order” issued by the state.

   Students who have interests in different faiths can join the club, in a very simple process. According to Junior President Mudia Mowoe, “To join Faith Club, you just have to show up to the Tuesday meetings. While everyone is at home, we will be hosting club meetings on Zoom starting April 21, and anyone can join them.”

   Faith Club’s membership has been growing over the years. “The club started over a decade ago with a different group of students and adviser, but three or four years ago Ms. Schmitten took over the role of club advisor and we’ve been steadily growing ever since,” said Mowoe.

   The Coronavirus pandemic means just about everyone is in their homes, but with Faith Club’s challenge, people can still share their faith with family and friends. According to the official UC High Faith Club Instagram, “The Contagious Courage Challenge’s aim is to spread hope and positivity in a world that could really use it! Using the Gospel was the best way we knew how!”

   The challenge is executed in three steps. First, students share a photo or video that answers the question: “What has been a struggle, what adjustment did you make, and what is something you have learned in this season that can inspire someone else?” Secondly, students post the photo or video on their Instagram stories and tag five to ten people that they also want to challenge, while using the hashtag “Contagious Courage Challenge” so that people know what it is. Lastly, Faith Club encourages students to follow their account and wants to remind everyone that this is a city-wide event, so everyone is included.

   Mowoe added, “The project started with Project25 which is a challenge run by a non-profit organization known as UYC (Urban Youth Collaborative) that helps the clubs of 50 plus schools in Southern California.”

   Junior Vice President Hezekiah Pavich noted, “We wanted to do something uplifting, motivational, and that would help people in need. The challenge has been going really well so far.”

   Originally, a different challenge was planned. Sophomore Secretary Angie Sandoval said, “We started this challenge because we are participating in the Project25 contest. We had to scratch our original project because of the situation [Coronavirus pandemic], so that’s why we started this new project that is social media based.” She added, “Our main goal is to spread words of encouragement in these hard times for everyone.”